6 Best Marketing Project Management Software Tools for Your Agency

Almost 60% of marketing project managers plan to increase their marketing automation budget next year. That's because of the many advantages you get when you learn to leverage digital tools for streamlining your marketing efforts. Those include better customer experience, efficient time and budget usage, data-driven decision-making, and improved lead management.

So, how can you improve campaign management? You can start with marketing project management software. It's a modern way of organizing your multi-channel marketing and complex projects without risking deadline misses, workload overloads, budget overruns, or countless headaches.

Read on to find the best project management system for your company's marketing team.

6 best marketing project management tools


workstreams.ai is the top marketing project management software for keeping you neat and organized. Our optimized workflows help standardize and automate your marketing projects to boost your company's productivity and efficiency by 70%.

Features list

  • Workflows: Design your own marketing workstream or select one of the customizable project templates from our library

  • Automation: Set tasks to move automatically once finished or auto-assign tasks and work steps to specific employees

  • Collaboration tools: Involve clients, freelancers, and partners with our guest views, contributor roles, and task follower and chat features

  • Time allocation: Our time-tracking feature lets you analyze your workflows and compare how time-consuming certain tasks are to identify bottlenecks and adjust the marketing process

  • Frozen tasks: This is a visual reminder of stuck tasks that ensures no activities from your workload get forgotten

  • Ownership and control levels: Use our ownership levels management to assign responsibilities and accountability

  • Subtask: Break down tasks and assign subtasks to the right people within a particular work step

  • Links and templates: Link between tasks to manage interdependent projects easier, and save your set-ups as templates to save time in the future

  • Goal alignment: Combine projects across marketing departments to help them stay focused on working toward one common goal

  • Burndown chart reports: These give you an immediate overview of your current work status, including open tasks, progress tempo, and campaign status

  • AI features: workstreams.ai also functions as an AI project management tool, with features like AI subtask, task description and prompt generator


workstreams.ai integrates with Slack in seconds to let you handle your to-do lists right where you communicate. Each Slack channel with our bot gets a fully customizable Kanban board for full task management transparency. Learn more about our Slack project management by following the link.

Our workstreams project management software also works seamlessly with:


  • Free: Free version – includes everything from the Pro plan for up to three users

  • Pro: $7,99/user/month when billed annually

  • Enterprise: Custom solutions and number of users

There is a 14-day free trial available for paid plans.

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Basecamp is a cloud-based marketing project management software that lets you store files, organize multiple projects, and chat between marketing teams. It combines features for managing projects and communication into one tool. The system has a friendly, beginner-friendly UI.

Image source: Page Flows

Features list

  • To-do lists for task management: You can assign them to anyone on your team, set deadlines, and tick them off as tasks get completed

  • Automatic check-ins: Set this up for tasks where the due date has passed to notify employees

  • Message boards and group chat: For separate conversations about individual marketing campaigns and projects

  • Progress view: This gives external clients and partners real-time insights into project progress

  • Centralized file sharing: One place to organize and share images and documents

  • Customizable views: Timelines, card table, or calendar schedule


Basecamp offers easy access to many integrations, displayed next to its built-in tools. These include:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Customer.io

  • Dropbox

  • Google apps

  • Jira

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Notion

  • Salesforce

  • Slack

  • Trello

  • Zendesk

  • Zoom


  • Basecamp: $15/user/month, billed monthly

  • Basecamp Pro Unlimited: $299/month, billed annually for unlimited users

There is a 30-day free trial available for both plans.


monday.com helps creative and marketing teams set content calendars, manage multiple marketing projects, and streamline content approvals. The interface includes workspaces, teams, boards, items, and subitems. It has customizable sections that you can fill in with various data types (status, text, people, timeline, dates, tags, numbers, etc.) and arrange into Gantt charts, Kanban boards, timelines, or calendars.

Features list

  • Data visualizations and dashboards: You can customize them with widgets to show you your most relevant KPIs

  • Automation: There are a couple of built-in triggers, intuitively sorted for sending notifications, recurring items, setting due dates, establishing conditions, and dependency triggers

  • Project templates: The ready-to-use agile workflow set-ups let you start quickly and customize as you need

  • Inbox: This notification section brings together every action that tags you, giving you an overview of your latest to-do

  • My Week tab: This shows you every assignment you have coming up for the current week with due dates

  • Search Everything: You can use this smart tool for sifting through all data in the marketing management tool – 58% of leaders say a quick search is in the top three things that would speed up the work of their team

  • Task conversations: Use this for updates, brainstorming, chatting, file sharing, etc.

  • Apps marketplace: A collection of free, freemium, and paid apps where you can add more monday.com features or external expansions you might need for your complex projects


monday.com has hundreds of integrations with third-party apps in the Integration Center. Some are part of the marketing project management software; others are available with a paid Zapier plan. The most popular ones include:

  • Asana

  • Jira

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Todoist

  • Shopify

  • Trello

  • Gmail and Google Drive

  • Facebook

  • Slack

  • Mailchimp

  • Dropbox

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Microsoft Outlook

  • Zoom


  • Free: Up to two users

  • Basic: €8/user/month when billed annually

  • Standard: €10/user/month when billed annually

  • Pro: €16/user/month when billed annually

  • Enterprise: Custom solutions and number of users

There is a 14-day free trial available for all paid plans.


Wrike is an all-in-one solution that lets you connect all your campaign creation processes, driving better productivity and ROI. It has many configuration options and a simple interface that allows you to switch between different views to visualize priorities. You can also transform emails directly into Wrike tasks.

Image source: Finances Online

Features list

  • Expense and time tracking: This lets you compare estimated to actual time and money spent on tasks to allocate them better in future projects

  • Visual proofing: This helps your team accelerate review cycles and feedback loops with comments you can add directly to images, videos, PDFs, etc.

  • Pre-built templates: They allow easy set-up for marketing agencies' projects

  • Reporting: Wrike includes a visual, dynamic report builder that lets you share your progress and results with stakeholders

  • Resource management and allocation: This feature shows how resources are allocated, what your employees' demands are, how much budget you have left, and who your overworked or underworked staff are

  • Automation: Set up your Custom Item Types and automate workflows without any coding knowledge

  • Collaboration: This is Wrike's priority purpose – there are real-time notifications, graphs, custom user groups, access controls, live editing, custom request forms, and task statuses that ensure everyone is updated, even if they skipped a meeting


This marketing project management software has over 400 pre-built native integrations, which include:

  • Microsoft

  • Slack

  • Google Drive

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • Dropbox

  • Salesforce

  • Marketo

  • Adobe creative apps


  • Free: Up to two users

  • Team: $9.80/user/month for up to 25 users

  • Business: $24.80/user/month for up to 200 users

  • Enterprise: Custom pricing for enterprise-grade security, scalability, and unlimited users

  • Pinnacle: Custom pricing for advanced tools and analytics for complex needs and unlimited users

There is a 14-day free trial available for all paid plans.


ClickUp is a highly customizable marketing project management software that allows you to visualize campaigns and accounts. It lets you manage tasks, campaigns, docs, and clients in one space. The tool set includes collaboration features, intuitive dashboards, and options to connect data from other sources.

Image source: Pttrns.

Features list

  • Time tracker: This built-in feature shows you how much time each team member spends on tasks to allocate it better in the future, with options to start and stop from any device

  • Real-time reporting: Includes custom dashboards and six ready-to-use report types for tracking project progress, OKRs, and ROI

  • Proofing and annotation: This is a handy centralized feedback feature that allows assigning comments directly on attachments (images, PDFs, videos)

  • Custom forms: They're useful for collecting client information or getting approval for tasks

  • Task management features: These include checklists, subtasks, templates, filtering, sorting and searching data, reordering assignments, and switching between 15 different workload views

  • Automation: Set up recurring tasks and customize the 100+ built-in triggers for moving statuses, assigning steps, changing priorities, etc.


Some of the native integrations built by ClickUp include:

  • Slack

  • Webhooks and API

  • HubSpot

  • Google Drive

  • Dropbox

  • Outlook, Apple, and Google calendars

  • Chrome

  • YouTube

  • Vimeo

  • Clockify

  • Discord

You can also connect it with Zapier for access to 1000+ apps.


  • Free forever: For up to five users

  • Unlimited: $7/user/month when billed annually

  • Business: $12/user/month when billed annually

  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

There is a 14-day free trial available for all paid plans. You can add the ClickUp AI feature to any paid plan for $5 monthly.


Asana allows you to align your in-house creative teams and marketers to give everyone a clear picture of the ongoing projects. You get functional prioritization options and flexible workflow mapping for evolving needs. The 'My tasks' section lets you view all your assignments in one place, in order of what needs to be done first.

Image source: Ministry Pass

Features list

  • Project management: This includes tasks and subtasks, a shared projects hub, different views (calendar, timeline, list, Gantt charts, and Kanban boards), time tracking, status updates, and custom fields for sorting and filtering

  • Goals: The Asana marketing workflow management software lets you connect every team's goals and portfolios to the company's wider objectives

  • Reporting: Visualize progress with charts and insights updated in real-time

  • Workflows and automation: Create smart processes with standardized forms, rules, trigger bundles for many projects, and templates for various assignment types

  • Resource management: Asana lets you plan timelines and adjust workloads to stay on track, prevent setbacks, and minimize burnout

  • Asana intelligence: This tool includes smart AI custom fields, conversation summaries, a response editor, status updates, and answers to project-related questions that can help you determine the best next steps


Asana's most popular integrations (from the 200+ available apps) include:

  • Slack

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Zoom

  • Google

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Salesforce

  • Canva

  • Campaign Monitor

  • Figma

  • HubSpot


  • Personal: Free forever for up to 10 users

  • Starter: $10,99/user/month when billed annually

  • Advanced: $24,99/user/month when billed annually

  • Enterprise and Enterprise+: Custom pricing

The best marketing project management software & tools: Comparison table

Platform Key features Pricing Best for
workstreams.ai Workflows
Time allocation
Frozen tasks
Control levels
Free for ≤3 users Great value-to-price ratio for SMEs
Basecamp To-do lists
Message boards
Progress view
Centralized files
From $15/month Team collaboration
monday.com Data visualizations
Search Everything
Apps marketplace
Notifications inbox
My Week tab
Free for ≤2 users End-to-end solutions
Wrike Time tracking
Visual proofing
Custom Item Types
Resource management
Free for ≤2 users Scaling organizations
ClickUp Time tracking
Proofing and annotation
Custom forms
Many different views
Free for ≤5 users All-in-one productivity platform
Asana Goal alignment
Resource management
Asana intelligence
Automation bundles
Free for ≤10 users Mid-market and enterprise businesses

The best marketing project management tool: Selection criteria


The key features we considered for our pick of the best marketing project management software include:

  • Organization functionalities: The way that each tool works, what viewing options it has, how easy it is to navigate, set deadlines, and assign tasks, and if it allows resource management or time allocation

  • Automation: In what way does each solution speed up the process of managing marketing projects for teams

  • Team collaboration options: Chat functionalities, file sharing, assignments, control levels, and notifications or other ways to communicate between employees and teams

Another crucial aspect is file sharing and the option for knowledge centralization. 85% of surveyed remote workers said they spend time looking for documents necessary to complete their projects – and 31% struggle to do so. Cut down that stress by adding files and linking to relevant pages from the marketing workstream.


Integrations for marketing project management tools let you handle task organization and assignments in the programs you use for communication without switching between tools. This option saves time and makes things easier. It also prevents data silos, miscommunications, and data gaps.


We prefer a simple, clear pricing structure where you can easily tell what you're paying for. Free plans, demos, and trials are great for checking out a software's functionalities to see if they fit your needs. Pick a tool that can balance your budget, the number of team members, and good value.

workstreams.ai is the only marketing project management software from this list where you get access to all features for free, in addition to a free trial for larger teams.

But we don’t offer only marketing workflows. Check out these workflow examples SMEs can create with our tool to boost productivity.


The right marketing project management software will help you plan, execute, and track the progress of your campaigns, from the research and planning stage to the final implementation. It should allow you to enhance collaboration, streamline creative tasks, delegate assignments, and monitor deadlines and resources.

If you’re looking for features tailored specifically to the needs of marketing project managers, workstreams.ai might be the answer. It includes burndown chart reports for progress tracking, flexible project management workflows, focused goals, time allocation, and frozen task identification, among many other options.

Sign up to start using all workstreams.ai functionalities for free, with no strings attached.

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What is marketing project management software?

A marketing project and team management tool helps marketing teams plan, execute, and track their activities more efficiently. It lets employees collaborate in a centralized platform, managing tasks related to marketing campaigns, product launches, content creation, and other marketing initiatives.

Such software includes features that streamline workflows, enhance communication, and improve overall project management. Marketing teams use it to improve productivity and stay on top of their tasks and deadlines.

How to do project management in marketing?

Marketing project management is unique because it involves multidisciplinary professionals, brainstorming, creative thinking, and adjustability. First, you must define the objective, scope, budget, timeline, and target audience. Marketing project tasks should have a well-functioning feedback and approval loop with options to share files and collaborate between departments.

Ensure everyone is familiar with your project management platform and uses it daily to prevent setbacks and misunderstandings.

How do you track a marketing project?

Use dedicated software with project management features like workstreams.ai. Start by identifying your goals, KPIs, and trackable milestones. Break down the process into a workflow with interlinked, small steps assigned to the right team members; here are some examples you can get inspired by.

A good tool is clear and visual, guiding you towards the next tasks after completing every assignment. The project flow will be easy to track once you set up your first campaign in such a system. It's usually as simple as ticking off done tasks or moving them into a proofreading section.

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