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Plan, comment, share and get notified in Slack.
Use Workstreams to organize it all.

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How teams collaborate with Workstreams

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Chat First

Great teams master communication

Collect Ideas

Create tasks in your Slack channels as you go. Share files and associate them with suggested tasks. Assign team members and start conversations. All from within Slack.

Exchange Opinions

Discuss on tasks through associated Slack threads. Create new tasks from conversations as you go. In any case: Find it all summarized again on the Workstreams task board.

Stay informed

Be informed what's being worked on in your team. Get notified about updates on tasks that you are involved or interested in. Receive push notifications on Slack's mobile app.

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Organize on top

Awesome teams keep it structured

Keep Oversight

Find all your tasks in a Kanban style task board. Use boards for any channel, private group and even personal tasks. Combine channels on one board or focus on each channel individually.

Plan and Prioritize

Create and change the priority of your tasks, assign them to team members and add your comments to them. Those who need to know are informed via Slack. Task board and Slack: always in sync.


Label your tasks with goals, priority, complexity or any other category. Filter by labels across channels and monitor your progress on milestones across team-borders.

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About us

Workstreams is brought to you by an international and diverse team located in Berlin. It's our mission to bring task management closer to people's primary communcation channel.