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Time allocation, calendar views, Kanban boards. One innovative workflow management platform

Generous free plan & feature-rich PRO mode available 


Generous free plan & feature-rich PRO mode available 


A workflow management app for teams to maximize productivity

Use our curated workflow library or create your own

Effortless task creation

Create tasks together with your team, both in your Workflows & inside your Slack and Microsoft Teams channels.


As much control as you need. Assign ownership on worfklows and in specific steps of your process. Whatever you need to ensure success.

Award-winning integrations

Uniquely integrated to your Slack and Microsoft Teams, our app allows you to create tasks right in your chats, iterate and execute your ideas.

Time Allocation

Get instant overview on which tasks take more time then others & compare them with the overall completion pace. All with our #GetStuffDone index. Magic!


Automation for the win! Set up forwarding rules, so when a task reaches a step in the process it is forwarded to a new workflow.

Flexible Kanban

A true and tested model of getting stuff done. Kanban boards underpin our Workflows, making them agile, flexible and oriented to productive outcomes.


Get stuff done with automation, clear communication & focus

Improve your productivity through true collaboration and transparency
Workstreams benefits automation

Make automation work for you

Take ownership, set auto-assignees, automate handover, review, and feedback loops. Our app allows you to save time and lets you focus on the big picture. task management communication collaboration

Communicate & collaborate

Is your team on Slack or Microsoft Teams? Integrate to your channels for a complete sync between your communication and productivity tools.

workstreams ai collaboration benefits

Keep your work connected

Explore avenues of collaboration together with your team. Find productivity opportunities with our use-case-proven workflows and get things done.

GSD Index

Time is of the essence

Keep track of time spent on tasks with our time allocation feature. Gain knowledge on how to increase performance with our GetStuffDone index.

Our award-winning Slack integration

All your work, right in your Slack channels

The best-in-class experience in handling task management inside Slack task management in slack

Create tasks. Right where you communicate.

Our bot works alongside your team on Slack. Each Slack channel where our bot is present gets a fully-customizable Kanban board. Our bot and Kanban taskboards work in parallel to provide full transparency on what matters now to everyone.

Add to Slack


Automate routine work

Think big, automate the rest

Excel with Team Goals

Align and motivate your team with Goals! View different tasks from different taskboards all in one place, and tackle them together as a TEAM. goals overview

Keep tasks tidy in a template

Task templates organize your work by letting you save the details and formats for future use. They are a great way to save time! marketing campaign kanban example

Unlock frozen tasks

The "Frozen tasks" feature is a great visual reminder of tasks that have been stuck or ‘frozen’ on your taskboard for a while. marketing campaign with stagnated tasks example

Outline tasks on a calendar

Our calendar offers a monthly, weekly and daily view of your agenda. Completed tasks and tasks past their due date are marked accordingly. calendar for work

Automate repeating tasks

Working on the same tasks at an exact given date? Set it to repeat, so you never miss a beat! repeating tasks goals overview marketing campaign kanban example marketing campaign with stagnated tasks example calendar for work repeating tasks
Use case

No matter your goal, make the process a joy for your team

Get started for free. Use a template from our workflow library or create your own project marketing announcement

Marketer? We’ve got you covered

From drafting your campaigns to content creation and reporting, our features enable a full 360 marketing operation.

See Marketing Solutions human resources compass for planning tasks

Process every applicant, hire for every position

Manage your HR and recruiting needs with our workflows. Everything from recruiting to onboarding and employee retention.

See HR Solutions sales teams keep customers smiling
Customer Success

The premier experience for handling customer requests

Keep track of feedback, bug reports, customer requests and feature releases. Our suite of features and workflows handle a wide variety of development-related processes.

See Sales Solutions

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Columbia University
VMWare really helped setting-up our staff to work remotely and efficiently during and post pandemic. Working in the customer service industry, we are in a very fluid and dynamic environment and keeps things in place

Sara Dimmeler
Client Services Manager

E-mail task delegation and follow-ups are in the past for our team, thanks to Thanks to their perfect sync with Slack our scope of work is neatly done right where we communicate.

Andrej Mindov
Founder and CEO at Identity

What my team and I appreciate is that it's really easy to use. It has helped me become better organized in figuring out what I need to work on every day.

Jane Johnson
Research assistant professor at ATSU

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