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100% FREE for up to 3 team members.  Decide how to get started:

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Close leads. Faster & smarter

Unlock your sales potential

Sales teams work at blazing speed. Empower your team with workflows. 
Let's focus on closing, not spreadsheets sales and customer service features

Transparent priority

The 'Planned' column on your Sales workflow is all you need. The hottest leads are placed at the top. Simple as that.

Flexible workflows

Set up your workflow to your exact needs. Unlock your pipeline with automation and ownership.

Zero overhead

Let automation and ownership take care of handovers and sign-offs. Let the team focus on the pipeline.

Real-time discussions

Our workflows are rooted in transparency, just like you. Discuss leads in the app, in Slack, or in Microsoft Teams.

Attach all relevant docs & files

All your pitch decks, notes and contracts in a single place. All needed files are right in the pipeline!

Track progress with ease

Use our GOALS to get the full picture. Connect tasks across workflows and see where you stand. unlock your creativity

Your very own sales Workflow

Our workflows adjust to your process. Auto-assignees, handoffs, reviews, ownership, templates. It's all there, ready to go.

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Here's why makes sense

Dedicated Sales Software isn't as straightforward and delightful as benefits of teamwork in sales team

No organizational overhead

All too often, sales teams are blocked from doing great work by obstacles in the road. A myriad of permissions, roles & releases are behind a walled garden, controlled by an almighty admin or sales lead. eliminates that severe pain point completely. No hassle, no signups, no roles. Just focus on what needs to get done. clarity in team collaboration

No clutered lists & boards

Going from email to Salesforce and back gets tedious pretty fast. That is even before you reach the endless different file sharing tools your team uses. With you eliminate clutter in a single sweep. All your potential leads, discussions, contact details and files are in a single place, readily available. benefits of sales integration

Fully integrated in your Sales communication

Switching contexts is a drag. It also directly contributes to lost time and drifting focus. places your sales process directly where your team communicates. Any issue is resolved with your teammates in seconds, allowing you to focus on the lead at hand. delight customers by following standarized customer service process

Create leads from emails and chat messages

Creating a task for a lead you and your team want to pursue and are discussing is astoundingly simple. You can turn any message into a task, and it will land in your planned column. If you have your email connected to Slack, you can turn emails into sales lead task with a single tap.

Close Leads. Successfully. Evertime

Close a sales lead in 5 easy steps

Setting up a leads Workflow

A new lead comes in

Create your first task in the workflow! Type N or simply use the task template. Contoso Steel Inc is the prize. Add some description about the lead. Assign it to a member of your sales team. The train is rollin'!

Lead evaluation

Your teammate moves that task to the evaluation step of your pipeline. She adds some questions to ask Contoso to establish the customer requirements.

Proposal stage

The journey continues. A teammate has moved a task to the proposal stage. An appointment with Contoso is set up. Your files are in, your deck is ready, and the contact details are in the task thread. All are accessible via the app. Go close that deal!

Negotiating specifics

Some negotiating back-and-forth is always at the heart of a sales process. This is when tasks glide along to the next step of your workflow and a teammate knows when to pick it up.

Signing & Legal clearance

Attach the final signed contract to the task, and move it to the legal part of your pipeline. A teammate from the Legal department picks it up, dealing with the paperwork. It's time to celebrate, a deal has been closed!

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