Frozen Tasks

Don't leave your tasks out in the cold

Our Frozen Tasks feature displays tasks that have been inactive for some time

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Watch video frozen inactive task

100% FREE for up to 3 team members. No strings attached

Keep the work flowing

Inactive tasks either need attention or should be archived

Projects evolve, don't clutter your space with tasks that are no longer relevant frozen task feature

Last interaction

When you activate the Frozen Tasks view, each card displays the number of days since it was last interacted with.

Frozen bar

When the Frozen Task view is active, you will see a bar indicating how cold a task is compared to others.

Marked as Frozen

After 30 days of inactivity, tasks are marked as frozen with a snowflake icon. identify inactive tasks

Streamlined projects, relevant tasks, planned & in progress

A useful visual reminder of stagnated items on your taskboard, assists you in making decisions.

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Prevent tasks from being abandoned

Your neglected tasks are instantly visible with a click of a button abandoned task reminder
An instant view

Visual reminder

There's no need to waste time, going through every task to check if progress is being made. All Frozen tasks are visible with a click of a button. unattended task card
Don't leave tasks unattended

Make decisions

Keep your project streamlined and moving. Notice ideas that are no longer viable, and tasks that need attention.

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