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From hiring to employee growth hr task management

Workflows designed for HR

Modern HR is about much more than just hiring and firing. Recruiting, training, compensation, diversity, and benefits require custom and tailor-made processes. Tackle them with our workflows from our HR library, or create your own!

Ownership & automation

Our automation and ownership features give you the power to: set up handovers when a CV needs evaluation, auto-assign tasks when they land in a review step, schedule repeating feedback discussions, manage payroll updates and lock steps where signoff is required.

Communicate & get it done

Everyone needs timely communication for the HR work to flow. integrates with Slack and Microsoft Teams, so that your HR workflows can live in your channels. Or, simply use the built-in chat feature on the tasks, and never switch focus.

Calendar views

All your todos, reviews, feedback talks and payroll processing tasks are mapped on a calendar view. Plan your day and work on your tasks in either a taskboard or calendar view. You can also link your Google and Outlook calendars, and take your work on the go.

Custom fields

HR is all about having the right information at the right time. Add all sorts of custom fields to your workflows. Seniority, salary range, and links to CVs, it can all be slotted right in the tasks on your HR workflows.

File attachments

You need immediate access to a CV before your telephone interview. Next, you need to review a candidate’s portfolio before an onsite interview. Afterwards, the payroll sheet. Easy, just attach them to the task.


What makes a great fit for HR teams

The place where your HR team comes together to get things done benefits for human resources team work

Flexible to your workflow is like a chameleon. It adjusts to your process and blends right in. 6 steps in your recruitment workflow? No problem, just set it up and see it right away. Turbocharge all your recruiting and onboarding today.

Time is of the essence

Timely hiring

Use our Time allocation and GSD feature to learn from your HR workflows. How long did it take for the last senior-level hire? Where did the process lag? How can we improve? Our GSD index answers all of these questions. All so you can hire, onboard and promote faster at scale. goal achievements

Focus your HR process with goals

Manage huge HR projects with ease using Goals! Just set up a goal, set a due date and assign each task to the goal from across workflows. You will then have immediate access to progress data for your hiring goal. Use it to motivate your team! human resources task management integration

External collaboration made easy

We get it, You rely on external agencies to get hiring done. is the best platform to centralize the communication as you plan hirings and create tasks. Use shared boards and guest access to get things done.

Everything you need to empower people

Run your HR Workflows at scale

the missing piece of the harmony puzzle

Truly agile

We live agile by giving you complete flexibility; Set your workflows just right.

Power in communication

Keep track of your HR work in your discussion channels. Be it in Slack or Microsoft Teams.

From workflows to GOALS

Combine tasks across workflows into a GOAL. Shazam! Cross-departmental collab is now unlocked.

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