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What is is the very best way to manage all of your projects, tasks and people, regardless of whether you are a one-person company or part of a 1000-person company! It is a completely new approach to project management, with zero overhead. Not only does it show an overview of your work, but also helps you manage all the communications that are part of each individual task.

How is this possible? Because there are two parts to First, the Slack and Microsoft Teams apps leverage the hottest communication tools available today to provide transparent task management and clear communications across your whole team. Second, there is the web app, which mirrors everything you do on Slack and on Microsoft Teams, and formats your discussions into tasks on a beautiful Kanban board. Together they provide the perfect mix of organization synergy for all your projects!

Using on different platforms

On Slack

Slack has revolutionized internal company communications in just a few short years with its powerful features that go way beyond just chat. The Slack app leverages the power of Slack but enhances it with comprehensive project, task, and resource management. This creates a cleaner, calmer, more oganized Slack workspace where both tasks and prorities are more transparent than ever before.

Slack uses channels to organize communication. uses channels to organize projects. All you have to do is set up a new channel for each project and start assigning tasks. All your resources are already set up in Slack, so you can just assign them as tasks there. All of your communications already happen in Slack so there’s no new tool to use.

All you have to do is learn a few simple Slack commands and you’re up and running in minutes. We also provide you with our friendly bot to guide you along every step of the way with training tutorials and help. Try doing that with other task tools!

On Microsoft Teams

Teams is the latest collaborative app coming from Microsoft. As part of the official Office 365 software suite, Teams provides a central communication platform for organizations using Microsoft.

Teams uses a similar organizational pattern as Slack, with a dedicated theme and topic-based communication channels. We provide our Kanban boards for each of those channels, making task management happen right where you communicate. The result is a smoother and more accessible workflow for everyone.

Our Microsoft Teams bot and the Kanban board tab work side by side to keep you up to date. Know whenever a task is created, updated, or completed.

On Google

You now have the option to jump aboard the train even faster, simply by using your Google account. You can even choose anonymous mode and get tasking as a pirate in under a minute.

Using with your Google account allows you to store all task files in your personal Google Drive and to keep an overview of your personal projects and tasks in your daily life in a single place.

You can also always migrate the taskboards and tasks created on your Google account to the team mode, by choosing between Slack and Microsoft Teams.

What is web app?

The web app is the Yang to the Slack and Microsoft Teams apps' Yin. Together, they provide a perfect harmony between task management and transparency.

The web app is centered around an elegant Kanban board that shows all of your tasks, organized by project. It's always in sync with your primary communication platform, because every change on Slack or on Teams is immediately reflected on the web app, and vice versa. This means that any edits, uploads, or descriptions done on Slack or on Teams can also be done on the web app, and will always be seen in both places. If that weren't enough, the web app has even more features, such as Goals, Progress Flow Charts, Burndown Charts and much more. The web app also enables you to easily customize the steps on each of your Kanban boards. Every team tends to have its own unique process.

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