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Results-driven task management Microsoft Teams

Seamless task management. Right where you communicate.

Generous free plan & feature-rich PRO mode available task management in microsoft teams

Generous free plan & feature-rich PRO mode available

How it works

Manage all project tasks in a single place

Communication is where ideas are born. Count on us to turn your ideas into actionable tasks. microsoft teams integration

An intelligent bot

With the wit of our bot, provides the simplicity and the structure needed to maintain clear cross-channel communications for you and your team.

A flexible Kanban board

You get a taskboard in your Microsoft Teams tabs that's customizable to your unique needs. Plan projects, assign tasks, prioritize and get more done.

All seamlessly integrated

Our bot and Kanban taskboards work in parallel to provide full transparency on what matters now to everyone. Know whenever a task is created, updated, or completed.

Manage all tasks in one place

There is no better place to manage you and your team's workload and tasks than in the place where you communicate. All your brainstorming, planning and execution in one single place. Fully transparent.

Smart Goals & Reporting

Get insights into you and your team's performance with our Analytics and Reporting. Inspire your team across departments to focus on delivering great results with Goals.

No need to leave Teams is fully functional right in Teams. The bot in your conversations and the Kanban board in the tab are fully integrated to the Teams experience. No context switching, just getting stuff done.

Benefits in action delivers laser focus
You in control

Keep oversight

Find all of your tasks on a Kanban-style taskboard. Customize your taskboard with the columns you need to fit your own process.

what's next?

Plan and prioritize

Create tasks and arrange them by priority. Create your own worksteps adapted to your own workflows.

smooth decisions

See how you’re doing

Make more informed decisions! Get the info you need, whenever you need it. Cumulative charts, breakdown charts, and intelligent smart labeling all provide the insights you need to make a bigger impact.

gets better with time

GetStuffDone index

We measure the time each task stays in a workstep, so you don't have to! No estimation is better than the actual numbers. Use them to make better decisions, faster.

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