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Customer support teams' challenges

Our features are designed to address your team's needs

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Streamlining Requests

Dealing with volume

Our Kanban-based prioritization allows you to organize customer feedback, suggestions, and complaints in a clear and concise manner, transforming the flood of information into an efficient stream. This enables you to prioritize tasks effectively and efficiently, reducing the feeling of overwhelm and exhaustion that can come with managing a high volume of customer requests.

What to do right now

A sense of urgency

One of the main challenges that customer support teams face is figuring out what tasks to prioritize, how long they will take, and how to communicate this information effectively. Fortunately, our Time Allocation features provide helpful guidance and data to make this process easier. With just one click, you can see which tickets are the most critical and need to be addressed first.

Getting your team involved

Who's accountable?

The age-old question is:
"Who is going to handle this request?".
You can answer it easily by setting an auto-assignee at a specific workstep level, which automatically assigns the appropriate person. This simple yet effective solution saves time and ensures that the right person is assigned every time.

How to replicate success

A reliable process

Solving a customer's complaint can be a satisfying experience. To maintain consistency in your operations and achieve positive outcomes while standardizing the process, our workflows are the perfect solution! Workflows guarantee that every step is executed precisely as it should be, allowing you to establish a framework for successful and repeatable resolutions.

Who's in charge?

Assigning ownership

If your process requires strict approval control, our workstep ownership feature is for you. This feature ensures that once a task has reached a specific stage, it cannot proceed unless it is handled by the designated workstep owner. Our application allows you to apply ownership at both the workflow and workstep levels.

Sticking to agreements

Owning up to SLAs

Our calendar scheduling tools and time allocation features enable you to visualize your commitments to customers, track them efficiently, and provide accurate completion dates with due diligence and compliance. By assigning due dates to your tickets, our in-app calendar will show you exactly what needs to be addressed first.

Tackling the problems

Here's how helps you get your customer support efforts to shine

Choose the right tool to overcome your challenges


Our workflow library is brimming with blueprints to get you started. You can also start from scratch and build your own unique workflow, tailor-made for your process and needs. Either way, you'll guarantee your customer needs are met every time.

GSD & Time Allocation

By tracking the time spent by each customer support ticket at every step of your CX process, you can compare completion times between tickets and make necessary adjustments. This provides you with valuable insights that can be used to improve your SLAs and identify bottlenecks. With this information, you can take proactive measures to address issues and improve your overall support process.


Assign the right tasks to the right people. Automate your customer support process by choosing an auto-assignee on a certain workstep. This will automatically assign the tasks to the right person.


We allow for varied levels of ownership, that fit your team's exact needs.

Whether you prefer a single owner responsible for the overall management of customer support in your team or multiple owners assigned to specific steps in the process, our app can accommodate your needs. Either way, you can ensure that there is clear responsibility and accountability for the tasks at hand.

Calendar view

Sometimes you need to keep track of due dates! Essential in SLAs, our calendar view gives you a visualization of when customers expect to get their issues resolved or delivered.

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What our customers are saying

Teams like yours have implemented and achieved great success in their customer support efforts
Craving Digital
SLP Schools

Running one not-for-profit (and managing the associated volunteers and volunteer tasks) is hard enough. It's twice as hard when you're running two not-for-profits, each with different staff teams, and completely different sets of tasks.While Slack has helped us to a great degree, a missing piece has been Workstreams. Workstreams syncs perfectly with Slack, and has allowed us to easily keep track of who is responsible for what, and when, and how it needs to be completed.

Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA
Director at and Intertect.Agency
Smart Oak Projects

At NeuroN Foundation, we use to schedule our tasks. This software is integrated perfectly with Slack.Taskboards laid out in showcase our organizational structure. With one taskboard per team, the leaders can create individual tasks which are then assigned to appropriate team members. allows the coordinators of each department to monitor everything that goes on the foundation in real time. They can check for delays or establish whether someone requires assistance in a particular area.To sum up, is a great tool and a perfect fit for the kind of goals we set at our foundation. It allows us to properly organize the remote style of work of our volunteers and manage their tasks.

NeuroN Foundation
Fundação NeuroN

Our accountancy practice transitioned from physical whiteboards to when the pandemic forced us to adopt a remote-working setup. What started with a few simple task boards expanded to over 10 detailed boards, effectively covering all our practice’s workflows.

Gina Epps
Director Chartered Accountant
Hanley & Co.

The task chat feature is a game changer, all chat conversation about any job, logged all in the one place

Stephanie Courch
Lead Event Producer

Using is a dream, it’s so customisable for different teams and project type and a specific team’s needs.

Jackie Tally
Resourcing Manager

It's been so empowering to be able to introduce my team to such a versatile and intuitive approach to Kanban planning. I had just started Slack and I was delighted to find, with its seamless integration and complementary handling of task management. Given our focus on the pandemic, our research team is now doubling in size and I look forward to managing the change through

Hillel Gray
Assistant Teaching Professor, Miami University

E-mail task delegation and follow-ups are in the past for our team, thanks to Thanks to their perfect sync with Slack our scope of work is neatly done right where we communicate.

Andrej Mindov
Founder and CEO at Identity

What my team and I appreciate is that it's really easy to use. It has helped me become better organized in figuring out what I need to work on every day.

Jane Johnson
Research assistant professor at ATSU
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