7 Workflow Examples to Use for Your SME

Companies that have experienced high growth in short periods of time are much more likely to have incorporated automation in their work procedures than companies that haven't grown that much. Is it a coincidence? We don't think so!

Workflow automation offers a range of benefits. It saves you time and money, reduces the chance of errors, and ensures standardized procedures. By adopting automation, you can consistently provide excellent customer service without any hassle.

Keep reading to discover the most common workflow examples that will help you boost productivity at the workplace.

7 workflow examples for your SME

At workstreams.ai, we have built a library of diverse Workflow examples to help streamline your organization’s processes. Amongst these Workflow examples are processes built for:

  • Hiring

  • Procurement

  • Time-off requests

  • Feedback

  • Customer Support

  • Marketing

  • Account Management

Let’s discover what you can do with each of these premade Workflows:


You don't need to purchase expensive recruitment software when our Workflow management app can help you create an automated and streamlined workflow for hiring and recruitment.

Here is what you can do with workstreams.ai Hiring Workflow:

  • Collect and store candidate applications in one place

  • Set stages for reviews

  • Conduct initial screenings

  • Schedule the first interviews with potential candidates

The tool also serves as an efficient database for each candidate, storing their LinkedIn profile, CV, salary expectations and availability.

Not only can you use workstreams.ai as a hiring tool, but you can also use it as a team management software that boosts productivity and collaboration. 

In some companies, multiple teams work together on interviewing and hiring new employees: from the initial HR interviews to technical interviews and giving candidates tasks and tests to complete. Our database simplifies collaboration among team members, making information more accessible.

With workstreams.ai, it's easy to follow each candidate's progress and always know which stage of the hiring process they are at. The tool also comes with valuable labels (junior, senior, freelance, part-time etc.) and custom fields that allow your hiring manager to filter and sort out applications.

Wondering how to create a project management workflow with workstreams.ai? Follow the link for the exact steps.

Now that we've seen how workstreams.ai can streamline the Hiring process, let's see how it can simplify record-keeping with its Procurement Workflow.


Every company needs to track its business spending and ensure that every employee reconciles actual expenses. But unless you're a big international company, you don't need a robust procurement solution. With our customizable Procurement Workflow, you can keep track of all purchase requests made by employees. 

Our Procurement Workflow is simple. It provides everything you need for record keeping! Here is what you can do with it:

  • Submit sales requests

  • Approve payments

  • Track order placements

  • Organize total payments

  • Account reconciliation

In order to further adapt to your company’s needs, we built two templates of our Procurement Workflow on workstreams.ai: one for one-time purchases, and another for recurring purchases. With these predefined automated Workflows, you can easily standardize procedures, save time and promote transparency in your organization.

Let's now explore how workstreams.ai can help you handle Time-off requests, ensuring smooth and organized employee leave tracking.

Time-off requests

Even the most flexible companies require submitting day off requests in advance so that they can adjust the schedule accordingly. But even if an employee presents their request on time, there could be a lot of time wasted going back and forth in emails or chats, especially during holidays, when everyone is requesting time off at the same time.

You can save your employees a lot of time by using the Time-off requests Workflow on workstreams.ai. With this Workflow, you can:

  • Provide pre-made time off request templates (vacation, sabbatical, and parental leave).

  • Include all relevant information related to the time-off request, such as the duration of their time-off period.

  • Track the status of the time-off requests (whether it is approved or rejected).

After seeing how workstreams.ai streamlines time-off requests, let's dive into another essential Workflow – the Feedback loop. 

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Feedback process

Did you know that almost one-third of employees believe that feedback in their workplace isn't frequent enough to help them understand how to improve? Many companies struggle with inconsistent feedback and performance reviews. Not only that, there is a lack of structure to support the Feedback loop.

That's why we've created a Feedback loop Workflow that can help you standardize the feedback process in your company. All your employees will be able to submit feedback in the same format, which saves a lot of time both for employees and the human resources department.

Don't be surprised if the feedback rate in your organization dramatically increases because you're removing friction for your employees. Filling out a pre-built form is much easier than writing feedback from scratch.

Additionally, using standardized feedback formats makes it much easier for your HR managers to analyze feedback and compare employees' performance reviews month after month.

Let's now shift our focus to another crucial aspect of business success – customer support.

Customer Support

Our Customer Support Workflow allows you to manage all customer support and customer experience tasks in one place. This will help you organize and manage multiple customer queries without getting overwhelmed or forgetting to get something done.

Here are a few benefits the Customer Support workflow provides:

  • It improves the customer experience by resolving issues faster. 

  • It improves customer satisfaction and retention rate, which results in more profit for your business.

  • It saves time and helps you focus on what is important.

  • It improves the resolution rate.

  • It ensures consistency, which in turn builds customer trust.

  • It helps streamline the decision-making process of your customer support agents by categorizing tasks by urgency. 

Repeatable processes ensure that you provide the same level of customer experience every time, no matter which employee is in charge. This can be helpful if you have multiple venues and it can speed up the employee onboarding process.

You can boost productivity further by taking advantage of workstreams.ai’s unique project management features.  Our Kanban-style boards allow you to not only track the progress of each request, but also to prioritize them. 

With the time allocation feature, you can estimate how much each task takes (based on your previous inputs), which will help you prioritize and manage your time more effectively. Another great way to prioritize tasks is by using our in-app calendar, ensuring you never miss deadlines and stay compliant with your business processes.

Now, let's explore how workstreams.ai's versatile platform extends its capabilities to amplify your marketing efforts and drive business growth.

Marketing Agency

If you're looking for a Workflow for your Marketing Agency, you're in the right place. Our marketing project management software will help you seamlessly manage marketing and advertising campaigns for different clients.

We understand that Marketing agencies involve various functions. That's why workstreams.ai allows you to create workflows for different types of campaigns, such as: 

  • Content marketing

  • Ads

  • Product launches

  • Lead generation 

You can save and use these workflows as templates whenever you work on similar campaigns. Additionally, we offer a vast library of Workflows that cater to the diverse needs of your team.

Our workflow management system allows you to break down big goals into achievable milestones by adding subtasks for every task. You can also assign tasks to different team members, which increases transparency and accountability.

Marketing Agency workflows cover almost all necessary processes to fulfill a client’s needs. This includes: 

  • Drafting a campaign outline till the manager approves it

  • Creating content

  • Budgeting 

  • Scheduling your campaign 

  • Tracking campaign performance and actual expenses

workstreams.ai promotes collaboration and transparency and you can create shared taskboards with project stakeholders so that everyone can get a visual overview of the project. You can share the boards with your clients or external collaborators and freelancers you work with.

There's also a built-in chat that allows real-time communication and eliminates the need to use email. Our tool also integrates with Slack and Microsoft Teams, so if you're already using them, you can also start managing tasks there.

Apart from Marketing Agencies, we have a similar workflow for Sales. Click here to learn how you can use it for tracking your sales pipeline and lead management.

Finally, let's explore how workstreams.ai's robust account management features can help you optimize customer interactions and foster long-term loyalty.

Account Management

If you're a department head managing multiple accounts, you need an effective Workflow for each of them to ensure you stay on top of all tasks and due dates.

An Account Management Workflow can help you:

  • Align your strategy with company objectives

  • Delegate tasks to other team members

  • Provide feedback and evaluation

In other words, storing all this data in one workflow will eliminate a lot of manual paperwork and confusion that often comes with it.

Here are other benefits of this workflow:

  1. You can use it for task management and deadline tracking. Timely reminders and alerts are incredibly beneficial features, especially for big teams working on multiple projects simultaneously and struggling to keep track of everything.

  2. You can label and color-code different tasks, making it easier to filter your tasks, not only by accounts and clients but also based on the type of the task and their priority. This can help you to batch similar tasks and boost your team's productivity.

  3. You can speed up the client onboarding process by providing them with all the necessary information about their future projects.

Every Workflow you create is a foundation for further optimization of your procedures. They help boost productivity and cut costs. With the Account Management workflow on workstreams.ai, you can track all crucial metrics for your business and make data-driven decisions. Regular workflow optimization is one of the activities with the highest ROI for your business.


As you can see, workstreams.ai can automate every aspect of your business, from HR to Marketing and Accounting. The best thing about it is that you don't need a separate tool for every area. If you choose the right workflow management app, you'll be able to automate all aspects of your business with just a few clicks.

If you're looking for a versatile and user-friendly workflow management app, workstreams.ai may be the right solution for you! You can use one of our existing workflows and customize it, or you can create your own workflow that will perfectly fit your business processes.

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What is a workflow?

Workflows are the main building block used to standardize your organization’s processes. This is done through a customizable Taskboard and Task Templates.

Workflows aim to cover up to all processes within your organization at any given time. Examples of Workflows include: Account Management, Customer Support, or Advertising.

Once a Workflow is created, it can be easily found in the Workflow Library and reused as many times as necessary. Changes made to the Workflow template are automatically updated across all Active Workflows.

What is a Taskboard?

When you are not using a Workflow, you can create a simple Taskboard to cover all your ad-hoc projects. This board gives you an instant real-time overview of your work in progress. You’ll see all Task Cards move through each workstep, from left to right.

What is a Workflow Library?

An extensive library of predefined and customizable Workflow templates based on your organization’s set processes.

What are the different types of Workflows?

Some of the most common workflow examples include:

  • Hiring Workflow

  • New Employee Onboarding Workflow

  • Client Onboarding Workflow

  • Procurement Workflow

  • Time-off Workflow

  • Customer Support Workflow

  • Content Marketing Workflow

What is a Workflow Diagram?

A workflow diagram or a chart represents a visual overview of a business process. Businesses usually use it to represent complex projects or business operations.

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