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workstreams.ai task management and workflow features

100% FREE for up to 3 team members. Decide how to get started:

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Easy task management & collaboration

Manage tasks right where you already chat about ideas. Collaborate smoothly with features that inspire transparency and clarity.

AI Subtask Generator

With a single click, you can generate a list of checkable subtasks based on your task description. Ensure each step is followed by transforming long task descriptions into action items.

AI Task Description

Create a detailed outline of what your task entails by using an AI prompt to write it for you. Further refine the output with handy AI options like adjusting the tone, changing the text formatting, or expanding on the output.

AI Prompt Collaboration

Prompt history can be viewed and shared with your team. Initiate collaborative discussions and create a space for creative brainstorming with this helpful AI tool. Save your favorite prompts as a shortcut to easily use later.

Easy task creation

Create tasks together with your team, directly on your Slack or Microsoft Teams channels.

Organized discussions

No more searching through threads from last week for important information. All tasks get their own discussion thread - keeping your channels neat and organized.

Task start & due dates

Set deadlines for tasks that need to be done on time. Combine start and due dates to ensure timely delivery and execution.

Repeating tasks

Set task creation to an interval of your choice. Automate tasks to appear daily, weekly or monthly. Save recurring tasks and group them into templates to repeat your workflow regularly.

Task details

Add all required information & links that your team needs right in the task, as well as advanced text formatting to better clarify your ideas.

Attachment support

Attach files, images and other documents to all tasks for easy access!

Custom fields

Add custom fields to tasks to put key information in plain view. Add titles with unique inputs so each field assists your workflow.

Checkable subtasks

Break down your task into smaller steps and check them off as you go. Assign team members to any subtask and give each subtask its own due date.

Subtask completion restriction

Optimize your workflow! Restrict the completion of a subtask to the precise workstep where it needs to get done.

Assign tasks to the right team members

Assign the right tasks to the right people. Automate your workflow by choosing an auto-assignee on a certain workstep. This will make automatically assign the workstep to this person.

Auto-forwarding of tasks

Automation for the win! Set up forwarding rules, so that when a task reaches a certain step in the process it is automatically forwarded to a new workflow. Nifty right!?

Total control with workstep ownership

Take control by adding a workstep owner in a certain workstep. Only they can edit tasks in this workstep and move them ahead.

Customizable Workflows

Workflows are a set of customizable collaborative tools that allow your team to design, develop and use ready-made solutions for all your work.

Notifications on task updates

Get notified on your Slack or Microsoft Teams channels whenever key changes are made to tasks of interest. Stay updated and informed on task and conversation updates right in the app.

Follow tasks of interest

Are you interested in a specific task's progress? Follow all important updates with a simple click.

Move tasks to other boards

Move your tasks & data seamlessly from board to board. Empower your teams to collaborate, share knowledge and overcome challenges.

Archive tasks & taskboards

If you no longer need a particular task or taskboard, just archive it. This removes it from the taskboard list, keeping your workspace nice and tidy, free of any unwanted clutter.

Frozen Tasks

Keep your tasks fresh! Our Frozen tasks feature displays the time passed since the last task activity. Super useful to keep your taskboards fresh and up-to-date.

Global Search

A powerful, all encompassing search function that finds you exactly what you need.

Visual overview of customizable taskboards

Stay aligned on every important topic with a clear overview of all task activity

Clear task overview on Kanban boards

Keep a clear overview of all tasks with our customizable Kanban-centric taskboards. View just one, or multiple boards at once.

My tasks

"My tasks" collects all tasks assigned to you throughout your workspace and ranks them by priority.

Smart filters

Locate what you need, right when you need it. Filter across taskboards by task title, assignee, topic, label, workstep, or any other task-related variable.

Smart labels

Apply labels to your tasks to easily distinguish them based on complexity, priority, project name, or anything else. No restrictions! ​​​​​​​Labels also provide access to workstreams' Goals feature, which organizes related tasks towards a larger objective.

Goals across taskboards

Goals let you see related tasks from different taskboards all at once. Use them for larger projects that require collaboration from multiple channels/departments.

Organized by channels & teams

Stay aware of your team's workload and priorities. Easily see who is currently working on what. You can have a Kanban board for any channel or private group you want, as well as for your personal tasks. Manage them all in a single overview, or view them separately.

Customizable work steps

Create your own custom workflow! Add and edit worksteps on any taskboard to fit your team's unique process.

Your Calendar & Our Calendar

Switch to our calendar view to see your tasks plotted on a daily, weekly or monthly view. Create tasks right there, just like events on a calendar! Tasks assigned to you that have due dates can also be displayed on your Google or Outlook calendars.

Dark mode

Dim the lights! Stay productive on your own schedule. Use our dark mode for those late-night sessions.

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