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100% FREE for up to 3 team members. Decide how to get started:

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Boost your marketing efforts

How boosts your marketing efforts

Key areas where we excel

Comprehensive planning

Outline detailed tasks for marketing strategies or ad campaigns with our AI Task Description Generator. Input your prompt and you'll have a detailed starting point in just a few seconds.

Content Ideation

Collaborate with your team on AI prompts to generate content ideas for marketing, blogs, or social media posts. Prompt history can be viewed, shared, and adjusted with your team.

Manage your marketing with workflows

All of your campaigns and marketing processes in a single overview, powered by our workflows.

Time allocation & GSD index

Get an instant overview of which tasks take more time than others and compare them with the overall completion pace — all with our Time allocation and GetStuffDone index. Magic!

See where things get stuck

An instant overview of every task in the marketing process right on your taskboard. Our frozen tasks feature shows you the bottleneck, our calendar view shows you your due dates. All with a click of a button.

Work towards a Goal

Combine all tasks from across marketing departments to focus them on a single goal. Empower your design and PR teams to collaborate with ease. Goals are the best way to keep your team focused to get things done. daring workflow management app

No matter the challenge, tackle it with

A powerful task management solution for your marketing efforts

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Case study: Marketing Agency

Working in an agency? Turn each client into a workflow! Get their unique requirements in place, and let the process run itself. Reliable, every time. marketing campaign task management

PPC Campaigns

Use our AI tools to generate variations of your Ad copy. Stay on top of all the edits, changes, and improvements that your PPC campaigns may need right inside the task. Combine tasks into campaign-specific Goals. benefits of using workflows for marketing ad planning
Ad Production

YouTube Ad Production

Set up tasks for writing a storyboard, shooting videos and uploading your video to YouTube. Assign a common label and get your video up and running. benefits of using task management for web developer collaboration
Design and Dev

Landing Page Creation

Assign copywriting tasks to your content team, illustration tasks to your design team and publishing tasks to your dev team. Bundle groups of related tasks into a Goal for transparency and agility. use task management to plan instagram reels and stories

Instagram Stories Promo

Create a task for each Instagram story post and its visual content requirements. Set due dates for your graphic designers. Set publication dates for your social media team, and combine all tasks in a Goal to track its progress.

Run Ad Campaigns

Run your advertising campaign in 4 easy steps

Up and running in minutes

Set up your campaign

Get things started by creating your very own marketing workflow, or even better use one from our Workflow library. Nothing better than having solid foundations that you can re-use for every new campaign. Let's build a "Summer Campaign"!

Set up your campaign tasks

Jump to your active workflow. Click the + New Task button. Assign an article creation task to your copywriters and let them work their magic!

In the same way, you can assign creative design tasks to your graphic designers, and advert creation tasks to your PPC specialists.

Label these tasks 'Summer Campaign' so that you can easily track all progress on your campaign.

Optimize your process

Working on the same tasks at an exact given date? Set it to repeat, so you never miss a beat!

Track progress with a specific Goal

You can now create a 'Summer Campaign' Goal! Just go to your taskboard, click Create New Goal and you're on your way! Track progress with burndown charts and give your team a clear overview of where they stand!

everything you need

Detailed overview of everything you need

Starting with a solid base

Design your own marketing workflow

Or use one from our library! Discover workflows for customer feedback, ad production, content writing and much more.

Breakdown tasks with checklists

Tell the whole story and clarify your exact requirements with subtasks. Break the task down and enjoy checking things off as you go along.

Collaborate with freelancers and agencies

With you can be certain that all your partners are kept in the loop and included in your process – letting everyone collaborate in real-time as a unified team.

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