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How boosts your development

Empower developers to create magic & build great products for software developers features

Flexible workflows

All of your tasks and development goals in a single workflow with useful progress indicators, burndown charts and due dates.

Frozen tasks

Remove obstacles with our Frozen Tasks feature. See tasks that haven't moved in a while and address them with your team.

Deployed. On time

Use our Time allocation to set benchmarks. Then let our GetStuffDone index let you know how you perform. Use it to improve!

Attachment support

Keep the latest versions of front-end mockups and wireframes neatly in the tasks. Discuss them with your team and stay updated.

Key custom fields

Keep key info in neat custom fields. Front-end PRs, complexity grades, back-end pipeline statuses. All set on the workflow level.

Ambitious GOALS

Combine tasks across workflows towards a single GOAL. Website or mobile app launch, anything that requires all team aboard! web developer rethink task management

No matter the challenge, tackle it with

Any product release, a feature update, or bug fix

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We move away from complexity and towards productivity at scale
Timely releases. every time

#GetStuffDone & Time allocation

Let your workflows tell you how you're doing. Our Time allocation feature keeps track of time spent in each step. From mockup to wireframe to development, review and live. Our GSD index then lets you compare historical performance to improve future results. All in the name of developing at scale with quality.

Ownership & automation

No organizational overhead

Focus on what needs to get done. Our workflows provide repeatable, predictable and positive outcomes with every instance. Set ownership and automation at the workflow level and ensure success. eliminates hassles and bottlenecks by providing clear work steps, restrictions and automation across the dev cycle.

keep it simple stupid

Built with KISS design in mind

Keep It Simple Stupid. Everyone can pick up your development process in a jiffy. No need to overcomplicate documentation on how your team runs development. With everything is simplified – letting you focus on writing great code and delivering value in short, focused iterations.

let your previous work estimate

No tedious estimations

The task listed at the top of your "Planned" column is the one that requires your attention the most. Tedious estimations, connections and dependencies are no longer an issue. Swiftly complete your task without the obstructions and then go out and enjoy your life!

collaboration is the name of the game

Collaborate with externals seamlessly

Onboarding external web developers to a project can be challenging. Allocating admin access rights and permissions is a tiresome process. With that all goes away. Add the developer as a guest to your account and you'll have the same control as if they were a member of your team!

Define, scope, develop, release. Then repeat

A hassle-free way to feature development

Setting up a feature release Workflow. The smart way

Website development

Collaborate with your UX department, graphic designers, content creators and dev team to roll out an amazing website.

Feature updates & UX Design

Set up workflows for improving a feature on your product. Assign tasks for design, writing code, and QA to the right team members whenever needed. Label tasks to get your work into production at full speed.

Zero bugs policy

Every bug can be fixed quickly and coherently by assigning tasks on your board. Label all bugs with a unique BUG label. Then your dev team can pull tasks whenever they are in the mood for some serious bug squashing. Make it great!

Landing Page Creation

Assign writing tasks to your content department, graphics tasks to your designers and publishing tasks to your dev team. Bundle groups of related tasks into a Goal for transparency and agility.

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