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Learn more about our AI Features, now available in public beta.

Leverage the knowledge of large language models to speed up your work

We use OpenAI to power our public beta AI Features, like summarizing long text into actionable subtasks and generating task descriptions.

Our AI Features are currently in public beta. As we progress, we will add more capabilities and refine the experience.

Which plans offer the AI Features?

All plans include optional beta features access. Teams who have opted into our beta program will be able to use our AI Features.

Who has access to the AI Features?

Users with access levels of Owner, Contributor, or Commenter can use our AI Features, provided they are opted into our beta program.

What AI Features are currently available?

Generate detailed task descriptions with our tool, adjusting tone, format, and complexity. Create checkable subtasks from prompts or your task description using our subtask generator and collaborate on AI prompt outputs with your team.

Keep in mind
These features are intended to provide helpful guidelines and should not be considered a replacement for expert advice or research.

Use AI Responsibly

  • By using the AI Features in, you agree to follow OpenAI’s usage policies.

  • You should exercise your discretion when using AI-powered tools. It’s essential to verify the information provided by the tool before making any decisions, taking actions, or relying on it for critical matters.

  • You should let your team and management know when you’re using or presenting AI-generated outputs.

Data Management and Optional AI Features

Inputted data is sent to OpenAI for AI processing and our public beta AI features can be disabled.

How is the input data managed?

  • Data inputted into our AI tools is sent to OpenAI for processing and generating AI output.
  • Data is temporarily retained in OpenAI’s environment to provide the services.
  • Visit the OpenAI Security Portal to learn more about data security practices.

Our AI Features are optional

  • The AI features in are available to teams who have opted in to access our beta features. It can be disabled at any time.
  • If you have not opted out of our beta AI features, you will automatically get access to all the beta AI features as soon as they become available. No further action is required by you.
  • If you or your team’s admin have opted out of beta AI features, you will not get access and your data will not be sent to our third-party AI vendor.

How to Opt out of AI Features

  1. In the App, Click on your avatar / profile image on the top right 
  2. Click on Manage BETA Features 
  3. Toggle the AI features to an OFF state. 

How to Opt in for access to AI Features

  1. In the App, Click on the Teams dropdown on the left panel
  2. Select your team in the dropdown list
  3. Scroll down in the team page below the team members and find the beta program section
  4. Click the "Join BETA" button
  5. Click on your avatar / profile image on the top right
  6. Click on Manage BETA Features
  7. Toggle the AI Features to an ON state
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