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Our story

Well, our story starts with our customers. They value their time, don't accept mediocre work, get things done, and enjoy their lives. They also work on modern teams not beholden to archaic, process-driven work, and are seldom siloed off in different departments.

Their values inspire them to break traditional barriers, communicate freely and keep laser-focused on the task at hand. We strive to unlock their potential, focus their efforts, and supply their teams with valuable knowledge and insights.

This is reflected in the way we work and communicate at Workstreams.ai


Our core values

These are the principles that guide our actions. Our products are a reflection of our values.


We foster trust through reliability and integrity, knowing that a foundation of trust enables us to collaborate effectively, take risks, and support one another wholeheartedly.


Our culture hinges on mutual respect, where everyone's perspectives, opinions, and contributions are valued, creating an environment where diverse thoughts and ideas flourish.


We prioritize understanding and empathy, recognizing that by listening without judgment and connecting on an emotional level, we build stronger relationships and a more supportive community.


We champion simplicity by striving for clarity and ease in all our endeavors, ensuring that our processes and communications remain straightforward and accessible to everyone.


Cohesion defines our unity and alignment, emphasizing the importance of working together harmoniously towards shared objectives, amplifying our collective impact.


Our commitment to transparency ensures open and honest communication, empowering our team with information, fostering trust, and allowing for more informed decision-making.


We uphold reliability as a cornerstone, delivering on promises and responsibilities consistently. It's the assurance that our team can depend on each other to achieve our goals.


Flexibility enables us to adapt swiftly to changing circumstances, encouraging an open-minded approach to challenges, learning, and evolving strategies to meet new demands.


Efficiency is at the core of our work ethic, guiding us to achieve high-quality results by optimizing our time, efforts, and resources without compromising on excellence.

A day in the office

A typical working day at Workstreams.ai

Have a look at our daily routine

Daily Standup

Every morning kicks off with a daily standup, where each team member does a round-up of what they achieved the day before, and what will be working on next. The daily is a great way to stay updated on what the team is focusing on, and enhances our sense of community.​​​​​​​

Team lunch

Lunchtime. Nutrition is important, and a sense of team-belonging even more so! We aim to go out to lunch together, relax and enjoy ourselves. Cooking at the office is also a blast

Whiteboard iterations & discussions

We cultivate an engaged working environment where discussion is encouraged. During the working day, impromptu conversations are happening all around, and the whole team is encouraged to join, regardless of the topic.​​​​​​​


To wrap the day up, we gather for a drink, to reflect on the day's accomplishments, plan ahead and enjoy each other's company.​​​​​​​

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