Time Allocation

Every second counts. Make the most of it

Reach milestones and keep track of the time spent on each task

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workstreams.ai time allocation and task durations

100% FREE for up to 3 team members. Decide how to get started:

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Eliminate Guesses

Use previous task data to inform decision-making

workstreams.ai gathers information from your previous tasks & provides a data-backed estimation for how long your task should take
workstreams.ai time allocation and get stuff done feature

Compare Task Durations

See which tasks take up more time.

Identify Bottlenecks

Instantly spot which tasks are off track and require attention.

Track Progress

Follow the development of tasks.

Plan Projects More Accurately

Use previous task duration information to accurately plan a timeline for your next project.

Task Distribution

Get an immediate indication of which team members are overloaded and distribute tasks to those with more free time.

With a Click of a Button

Clicking the Time Allocation button highlights the tasks on the board with a color range, giving you a glanceable snippet of the state of each task.

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Our Time Allocation & GetStuffDone Index works like magic!

Get an instant overview of which tasks take more time than others and compare them with the overall completion pace.

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How does Time Allocation improve your performance?

The ability to accurately measure task duration is essential at every stage of the project
workstreams.ai time allocation for planning

Setting aside enough time

Put together a timeline based on how long tasks actually take—no more guesswork. Every step's duration is recorded and measured giving you a realistic timeline for your plan.

workstreams.ai task timelines and goals
setting the project into motion

Clear milestone points

Once you have your timeline, you can distribute tasks across the appropriate assignees. Every step is tracked for future data.

workstreams.ai find tasks which are taking too long
identifying roadblocks

Seamless flow of work

Instantly visualize where adjustments need to be made so that the project runs like a well-oiled machine.

workstreams.ai on time task completion
successful launch

Completed on Time

Deliver your objectives on time. You now have even more data to support your next project.

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