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Plan & schedule your tasks with ease

Get a clear overview of your upcoming tasks & projects. Optimize your schedule

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100% FREE for up to 3 team members. Decide how to get started:

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Smart Planning leads to more time

Find more hours in your day

Use our In-App Calendar to create tasks directly in calendar view in-app calendar feature for team schedules and deadlines

Easy navigation

Our calendar offers a monthly, weekly, and daily view of your agenda.

Visual snippet of task status

Completed tasks and tasks past their due date are marked accordingly.

Sub-task visualization

You can even see your sub-tasks in calendar view.


Tasks are color-coded according to due time.

Nuanced controls

Choose what you want to see upon task completion.

One space for all your appointments

Connect your Gmail and Outlook appointments and view all your appointments and tasks in one space. in-app calendar team planning

Slot your tasks in your calendar

Just as you would create a calendar event, simply click on a preferred time/date and the task will automatically have the due dates assigned

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Get stuff done by following a well-defined plan

Transform your schedule into a highly efficient and productive timeline in-app calendar manage expectations

Manage expectations

We often overestimate what we can do in a given amount of time. Meetings, appointments, and even personal matters are frequently overlooked and forgotten about. You can manage more reasonable expectations by seeing all of your duties/obligations in one place. in-app calendar know your deadlines

Know where you stand

When you have the ability to switch between calendar view and Kanban view, you have a better understanding of your timeline. in-app calendar smart filtering

Find specifics

Our Smart Filters work great on calendar view. The filter allows you to identify, on a calendar, priorities for specific team members, content types, and more. in-app calendar oversee team projects

See the full picture

Maintain an organized and productive work schedule by overseeing all team projects and tasks.

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