6 Best AI Project Management Tools to Optimize Your Projects

There are over 300 million AI tool users, and experts expect AI tools to help increase productivity by 0.6%. AI's potential for analyzing workflows, filtering and sorting through data, and making educated predictions, all in real-time, makes it the perfect fit as an addition to project management tools.

In this article, we'll explore the six best AI project management tools. Pick your favorite to help you streamline workflow creation, brainstorm ideas, and ensure project success while avoiding potential roadblocks.

6 best AI project management tools & software solutions


workstreams.ai was built to get your work done – the smart way. It's the ultimate workflow management platform that facilitates all aspects of project tracking and workflow building. Our inbuilt integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams allows you to create and manage tasks without exiting the messaging app.

With our in-app calendar, you can easily navigate all upcoming tasks and project milestones. Connect it with Google or Outlook, color code, prioritize, and view statuses and subtasks. This kind of visual organization will help you find more hours in the day to get stuff done.

You'll also find a Trello integration (all changes made in the app are automatically reflected in workstreams.ai) and Webhooks (push data from any source into workstreams.ai and convert it into tasks).

Our frozen task feature automatically highlights inactive tasks, where you should focus. We also have an in-built time tracker that estimates how long your project tasks usually take.

The workstreams.ai project management tool includes a range of AI features that further empower you and your team to reach exceptional results. Treat them as your new, smart work companion.

Some workflow examples from workstreams.ai are processes built uniquely for:

AI Features

The workstreams.ai AI tool generates content (like task descriptions or subtasks) based on the task details or your specific instructions. It lets you improve the previous input and stores all past versions for easy access.

workstreams.ai also lets you automatically do the following:

  • Improve content from user instructions

  • Summarize, explain, simplify, and expand on pieces of text to provide team members with a better understanding of project workflows

  • Reformat, remove formatting, shorten text, or make it longer

  • Adjust the tone of your writing to fit different audiences – choose between constructive, empathetic, formal, informal, friendly, or assertive

  • Create custom shortcuts between tasks and modify your existing shortcuts

Feel free to collaborate on the AI prompts with your team to get the most out of our artificial intelligence functionalities.


workstreams.ai offers a free plan, which gives you access to all our features, but only for up to three team members. The Pro plan has three billing options – monthly, quarterly, and annual. We suggest the latter, which is the most affordable – $7.99/user/month. There's also an enterprise-level solution with custom pricing.

We also offer a 14-day free trial, perfect for those who don't want to commit. NGOs and research organizations get a 50% discount.

Elevate Your Workflows with AI
AI tools boost efficiency, collaboration, and success.


Source: Flatlogic

Asana is a project management tool with built-in AI functionalities that can improve task assignment, tracking, and communication across project teams. You can use it for project management workflows, automation, setting and tracking goals, reporting, resource management, and improving security.

AI Features

Asana Intelligence, the project management software's AI tool, lets you:

  • Set smart goals by writing a short prompt and having AI draft your objectives based on your historical project data

  • Create comprehensive status updates

  • Identify risks, open questions, and blockages that prevent you from reaching your goals

  • Use natural language to ask Asana questions and get answers that will help you identify the best next steps

  • Automatically create smart workflows, optimized over time

  • Edit and summarize tasks, comments, and in-app conversations

  • Improve your project management with auto-generated custom fields that support cross-functional collaboration


This project and team management software has five pricing tiers:

  • Personal: A free plan for individuals and small teams

  • Starter: $10.99/user/month, billed annually

  • Advanced: $24.99/user/month, billed annually

  • Enterprise and Enterprise+: Custom pricing with additional functionalities and advanced security


Source: Mindflow

ClickUp is a project management tool with multiple options for automating repetitive tasks. You can also use it for resource management. This project manager software facilitates team collaboration with chat functions, document creation, planning, and organizing processes. It also works well for tracking dependencies. With plenty of customization options, you can make this AI tool fit your company's needs.

AI Features

Here's what you can do with ClickUp AI:

  • Generate summaries for tasks, updates, comment threads, meeting notes, etc.

  • Automatically create action items and subtasks based on your tasks and documents

  • Edit your copy to make it clearer, more concise, and engaging

  • Draft headers, tables, and other formatted content

  • Generate ideas, e.g., for your new feature name, marketing taglines, or campaign strategy

  • Create intuitive questions for surveys

  • Work on over 100 pre-made expert prompts

  • Access from anywhere via the ClickUp mobile app


ClickUp comes in four different price plans:

  • Free forever: Best for individual use

  • Unlimited: Best for small teams, for $7/user/month

  • Business: Best for mid teams, for $12/user/month

  • Enterprise: Best for multiple large teams, with custom pricing

ClickUp AI isn't included in these packages. You can add it to any paid plan for $5/member/month.


Source: Jibble

monday.com is an all-in-one organization platform with project management capabilities. It comes with agile workflow functionalities and many customization options. You can create items, columns, groups, and boards. Task navigation, tracking, and delegation are easy and intuitive. Color-coded visual information makes your workflow mapping and project management processes transparent and fun.

AI Features

Work with the monday.com AI assistant to:

  • Generate actionable tasks based on your prompt and existing project information

  • Rephrase your text to make sure it's correct and says exactly what you mean

  • Turn your ideas into copy, e.g., blog articles, lists, or ads

  • Send emails faster with AI smart template suggestions

  • Summarize lengthy text into clear points

  • Create complex formulas without any coding knowledge


monday.com has five pricing plans for their work management tools:

  • Free plan: Up to two seats

  • Basic: €8/user/month, billed annually

  • Standard: €10/user/month, billed annually

  • Pro: €16/user/month, billed annually

  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

The AI features are included in all plans, but an Admin has to enable them first.


Source: ITbiznes

Wrike is a project management program with free, AI-powered features. It lets you manage projects of any complexity and track key events with an intuitive UI. You can access many customization options, powerful features, and extensive security measures. There are also valuable resource management tools, forecasting, visualization, and automation tools available, although some come only with paid plans.

AI Features

Wrike's smart machine learning and Work Intelligence allow you to do the following:

  • Generate briefs, plans, and ideas

  • Tailor descriptions to make them fit your brand and personal voice

  • Have AI find mistakes, change the tone, and translate your writing

  • Summarize long discussions and comment threads

  • Identify historical patterns and frequent issues to help you reduce risks, minimize delays, meet deadlines, and improve your resource allocation

  • Issue voice commands from your smartphone without having to open the Wrike app

  • Automatically create subtasks from plain text

  • Turn your written documents and paper notes into digital files

  • Prioritize tasks based on personalized factors for each user


Wrike offers several pricing plans, each with a wider set of features:

  • Free plan: For basic needs, with limited functionalities and up to three users

  • Team: $9.80/user/month for improving project management practices in small teams

  • Business: $24.80/user/month for organizing multiple projects and teams

  • Enterprise: Custom pricing with enterprise-level security and scalability

  • Pinnacle: Custom pricing for teams with advanced needs

You can test any of the paid plans with a 14-day free trial. Wrike AI is available for all plans at no extra cost.


Source: Unito

Notion is another popular tool among project managers. Many describe it as an all-in-one platform for taking notes, discovering content, automating workflows, reporting bugs, drafting document outlines, and writing database entries.

AI Features

Here's what you can do with the Notion AI add-on:

  • Get answers to any questions you have about your team's work or project progress with the Q&A function that works off the information in your wikis, projects, and docs

  • Simplify technical jargon, rewrite, and explain text

  • Automatically translate your content

  • Edit the voice and tone of your writing

  • Generate action items, next steps, summaries, and key insights

  • Ensure complete data security with Notion's permissions and encryption

  • Start with a template and generate ideas or drafts with AI


The Notion project management software comes in four pricing tiers, each with additional features:

  • Free plan: For individuals and with limited options for teams

  • Plus: $8/user/month, billed annually, for small groups

  • Business: $15/user/month, billed annually, for companies with several teams

  • Enterprise: Custom pricing for advanced controls and support

Notion AI is paid extra and can be added to any paid plan for $8/member/month (with annual billing).

The best AI project management tools & software solutions: Comparison table

Platform Key features Pricing Best for
workstreams.ai AI subtask generator
Prompt collaboration and sharing
Task description generator
Automatic reformatting and editing
From $7.99/user/month Extensive AI features for the most affordable price
Asana AI analytics
Content organization and filtering
Predictive AI
Resource management
From $10.99/user/month Smart workflows and risk management
ClickUp AI writing assistant
Document summaries
Automatic translations
Expert prompts
From $7/user/month Working on pre-made prompts based on research
monday.com AI assistant
Generated tasks
AI email writer
Formula builder
Task summaries
From €8/user/month Streamlining email creation and writing formulas
Wrike Task prioritization
Risk detection
AI assistant
Automatic file digitization
From $9.80/user/month AI prioritization and risk reduction
Notion Information transplantation
Grammar and spelling checks
Content summaries
AI idea brainstorming
From $8/user/month Answering questions about your work processes

The best AI project management tools & software solutions: Selection criteria

The main aspects we considered when selecting the best AI project management tools were AI-specific features and affordability.


The main AI features we looked for include:

  • Editing, improving, and rephrasing content

  • Creating smart content based on specific prompts or data

  • Drafting tasks and subtasks

  • Reformatting

  • Adjusting tone


Pricing is important when looking for a new solution to add to your toolset. After all, your company has enough expenses as is. However, remember that the cheapest option doesn't make it the best one. Always aim to balance features with cost and make sure you're getting the best AI project management tool for your money.

Keep in mind that some of the tools from this list offer AI features at an additional cost. All the AI project management tools we listed offer a free plan, but not all automatically give access to their AI platform.

We presented the annual payment plans for each tool, as that's usually the most affordable. If you opt for quarterly or monthly payments, the costs will be slightly higher.


Good AI project management tools help you save time by automatically generating task descriptions, creating and editing content based on your prompts and helping you plan.

workstreams.ai is the only solution from this list that lets you handle any number of complex projects with access to all its features for free. It has practically no learning curve, so you can start using it without wasting any time.

Sign up to streamline workflows with AI project management software for free.

The Power of AI in Your Project Management
Optimize tasks, streamline communication, and boost productivity with AI


Is there an AI for project management?

With the rising popularity of AI and fast technology advancement, many companies are adding it to their toolbox. You'll find that more and more project management software companies offer their clients AI, machine learning, and natural language processing capabilities.

Can AI write a project plan?

Yes, you can use any AI tool from this list for smart and fast project planning. It can create a task list based on your prompt or document. You can then edit and collaborate on these workflows.

Can ChatGPT help with project management?

Theoretically, ChatGPT can help (e.g., with generating task descriptions or rephrasing some of your content), but it's not the best AI option for handling your project management tasks. It lacks some of the functionalities you can find in the software listed in this article. The main downside is that you can't use it directly within your task management tools (e.g., to create smart action items) or work collaboratively with your team.

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