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AI is playing a pivotal role in driving transformation in the way work is done.
From automation to data analysis, AI is making work smarter, more efficient, and more effective than ever before.

It is estimated that 90% of companies worldwide will be using generative AI tools by 2025.

It is an exciting time to be part of this transformational journey and its impact on team management software.

At workstreams.ai, we believe in empowering users with tools that not only enhance productivity but also foster a dynamic and collaborative work environment. With this and the power of AI, we are thrilled to introduce our newest AI capabilities.

Read more about these features below.

Embrace AI Productivity
Upgrade your work life with our latest AI features

AI Task Description Generator

Our AI Task Description Generator allows you to input prompts, and like magic, it generates detailed task descriptions tailored to your needs. Whether you're planning a project or outlining a social media strategy, our AI takes the tedious work out of your hands, providing you with a head start and creative inspiration.

Let’s take a closer look at the options available in this feature:

From Your Instructions

One of the key features of the AI Task Description Generator is the ability to generate detailed task descriptions from your custom instructions. By inputting a prompt, users can leverage the power of AI language models to create comprehensive task descriptions without switching between applications.

Example: If you're a marketing professional looking to create a social media strategy. Using the "From Your Instructions" option, you can input a prompt like "Develop a 2-week social media plan focusing on work-life balance." The tool then generates a detailed plan. You can even ask it to outline posts, add hashtags, and provide engagement strategies.

From Task Details

For those who have already input task details or have specific information within the task, the "From Task Details" option is a game-changer. The AI Task Description Generator can analyze the existing details and convert them into a well-structured task description.

Example: Let's say a customer support agent has input task details about handling a complex customer query. By selecting "From Task Details," the AI will create a comprehensive task description for efficient issue resolution.

Text Editing and Improvement

Once the task description is added, (be it AI-generated or manually inputted), the tool offers various text editing options to fine-tune the content. Users can modify the text format, adjust the tone, or even summarize the content to make it more concise.

Example: A sales professional generating a proposal can use the "Improve" feature to adjust the tone for a more persuasive effect. A prompt like "Make this more convincing to potential clients" can enhance the language and overall impact.

AI Subtask Generator

Breaking down tasks into manageable subtasks has never been easier. With the AI Subtask Generator, you can quickly transform task details into actionable subtasks. Assign, set due dates, or convert them into standalone tasks with just a few clicks. The efficiency of this feature ensures that your projects move forward without missing any steps along the way.

Similar to the Task Description Generator, the AI Subtask Generator allows users to improve subtasks "By Your Instructions." This feature is valuable when additional customization or refinement is needed.

Example: An IT professional generating subtasks for a software development project can prompt the AI to make them more technical or specific to the project's requirements, tailoring the checklist to the team's expertise.

Users of the AI Subtask Generator feature also have the option to adjust the tone of the words used in the checklist and edit the number of steps they’d like to break the task down into.

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Collaborate on AI Outputs

In the spirit of teamwork, our Collaborate on AI Outputs feature promotes collaborative decision-making. Share your AI prompt history with team members, allowing them to refine and adjust prompts to perfection. Emoji reactions foster a sense of camaraderie, making AI collaboration a fun and engaging experience. Together, you can achieve optimal task outputs without the hassle.

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Save AI Prompt as a Shortcut

Recognizing the power of efficiency, our Save AI Prompt as Shortcut feature lets you create and save your frequently used prompts. No more wasting time typing the same instructions repeatedly. Now, with a click of a button, your favorite prompts are readily available, streamlining your workflow and giving you more control over your time.

Other Ways To Use Our Features

We designed our AI features with certain use cases in mind, but our app users always find creative ways to use them.
For example, our AI Task Description Generator includes text modification features such as summarizing text. This could be used to condense lengthy information into key points effortlessly. Feel free to explore our features and see for yourself how these tools can enhance your workflow.


At workstreams.ai, we believe in creating tools that not only enhance productivity but also contribute to a healthier work-life balance. Our latest AI features are designed with you in mind, offering unparalleled convenience and flexibility. Embrace these advancements, simplify your work, and take the first step towards a more balanced and fulfilling professional life. 

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