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Our goal at is to empower users to perform their best work. We aim to set you on the right track so that you can focus on your priorities, collaborate and get things done.

But what if your tasks are already in a different place on the web? What if you are a Trello user, looking for an easy way to jump on board the train? That's where our Trello integration comes in!

Why import Trello boards to

Trello is an incredibly popular productivity tool, used daily by teams around the globe. It doesn’t take much to assume that at some point in time, users might have used, or actively are using Trello. For our new users who happen to be Trello users, we wanted to make the onboarding experience faster, easier, and more enjoyable. For current users, we wanted to provide an easy way to continue working on a project already started on Trello.

The specifics of the integration

The integration allows you to import an entire Trello Board onto a task board of your choosing. Every card is converted to a task, along with any description, assignee, and label it may contain. We map the lists on the Trello board with the columns in your task board, so everything is where you expect it to be.

Every change you make on the Trello side is reflected in There is constant sync ensuring your work is always up to date. For example, you won’t miss any changes made by team members still working on the Trello Board. Magical!

Every task originating from a Trello Board is clearly marked with an icon, differentiating it from the rest of the tasks in the task board. A neat little detail, giving you an instant overview of the task source.

A more efficient platform offers powerful productivity features for you and your team

Setting up the integration

Getting the sync between a Trello Board and a taskboard is easy and done in a jiffy. You can kickstart it from the web application. Select the taskboard that you would like the Trello cards to be imported to, and start the integration with the click of a button! You can find the option under 'More ...' menu on the right side of the board.

To prevent errors, the integration only works when you import a Trello Board to a task board without any custom steps configuration. We are committed to importing your Trello list completely, and this requirement ensures that.

And that's it. Go ahead, start importing your Trello Boards and let us know how you like it!

Happy Tasking 👩‍💻

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