Using for processes in your SME (Small-to-Medium Sized Enterprise)

Not all companies have the option of actually using the product or service they are developing on a daily basis. At we benefit from this advantage. We experience the entire customer journey without needing to roleplay scenarios. In fact, we use for about 90% of all processes in our business. 

At, Small-to-Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) are our primary customer base, and we've built our features with their needs in mind. As an SME ourselves, we use our app extensively for internal processes and gain valuable insights from our own experiences. We spend our time using features originally designed for one purpose, which often end up fulfilling a different need altogether. This is both a rewarding and humbling experience. It keeps us honest and vigilant, and it allows us to find quirks and bugs before shipping features to our clientele.

In this article, we will share our insights into workflows that we use daily, perfect for startups and growing SMEs looking for a tool that can handle up to 80% of their workflow needs. So, let's dive in!

Efficient procurement with

Every company deals with the process of paying and accounting for goods, it's an essential part of your business. However, most dedicated procurement software is overpowered, making it overwhelming for SMEs seeking a simple solution. That's where comes in - offering an efficient solution that caters to your needs while saving you money. Our procurement workflow has all the necessary features for items to flow seamlessly from request to approval, payment, and account reconciliation. It's a solution that delivers exactly what you need, without any of the unnecessary bells and whistles.  What's not to like!? Try it out now, in our workflow library.

Streamlining your hiring process with

The HR industry is saturated with dedicated SaaS platforms, making it difficult to choose the right fit for your company. However, when it comes down to it, hiring the right people is what matters the most. We believe that the key to efficient hiring is a streamlined workflow that collects applications in a single place, sets stages for reviews, initial screenings, interviews, and eventual hires. Our Hiring workflow equips hiring managers with all the necessary tools, including handoffs, CV storage, and workstep ownership, to find the perfect candidate for the job.

Standardizing feedback with

Asking for feedback and reviews is one of the most widely used processes in startup and SME settings. However, the process can often be disorganized and inconsistent, leading to missed opportunities for improvement. Our solution standardizes the feedback process, ensuring that your entire organization takes the same steps and actions each time feedback is required for a particular task. Our feedback loop workflow is process-driven and designed to streamline the feedback process, ensuring that no task slips through the cracks without getting the necessary feedback.

Simplifying time-off requests with

Managing holidays, sick days, sabbaticals, and parental leaves requires some sort of review process. While dedicated HR tools can be highly complex and expensive, there is a simpler solution available. With our app, you can use a workflow from the same app you're already using for the other processes in your business. Our Time-Off Request workflow makes it easy for your team to request time off, team leads to review the requests, and HR teams to update calendars, log the request, and ensure everything is documented and archived. Don't waste valuable time and resources on complex HR tools. Try our Time Off Request Processing workflow and experience the simplicity and ease of use that it provides for your organization. benefits of workflow automation
The ideal SME process solution
Level up your business processes with the power of workflows

Simplicity in SME business processes with

Our app does not strive to cover absolutely every workflow requirement. For example, complex payroll management requires specialized tools that are linked to your bank accounts. However, provides a straightforward and efficient way to ensure that your processes are standardized, thoroughly thought through, and based on user research. Why spend money on multiple apps when you will only use a fraction of their features? It's a no-brainer! Our app offers the simplicity and ease of use you need to optimize your workflow and streamline your business operations.

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