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Workstreams for HR teams

Focus on people, not processes.

Streamline your HR task management with Workstreams

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What makes Workstreams a great fit for HR teams

The place where your HR team comes together to get things done
Flexible Workflow

Flexible to your workflow

Workstreams is like a chameleon. It adjusts to your process and blends right in. 6 steps in your recruitment process? No problem , just set it up & see it right away. Turbocharge all your processes today with Workstreams.

Focus Goals

Focus your HR process with goals

Manage huge hiring processes with ease using Goals! Just set up a goal, set a due date & assign each task to the goal from across taskboards. Shazam! You have immediate access to progress data for your Hiring goal. Use it to motivate your team!

External Collaboration

External collaboration made easy

We get it, You rely on external agencies to get hiring done. Workstreams is the best location to centralize the communication as you plan hirings & create tasks. Use shared channels and single channel guests to get things done.

Workstreams gives you everything you need to manage your HR and recruiting

Workstreams HR Board
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Start hiring your fabulous new finance team

Set up a Channel in Slack

Workstreams = No overhead, You just start! Create a new taskboard like you normally would. Name it: hirefinanceteam. Invite your team, the recruiters, hiring managers & external agency people. Next, invite Workstreams. You can’t miss him. He’s the one with the geeky glasses. Booyah! hirefinanceteam taskboard is set.

Set up your tasks in Slack

Type: /plan Hire CFO in the #hirefinanceteam channel.Or even better, use the web taskboard. Repeat six more times for the other six positions you need to fill: Accountant, Bookkeeper, Jr. Accountant, Auditor, Finance Intern, Assistant to the CFO. Use the task menus to assign each of the seven tasks to Bobby B the HR Manager.

You have 3 Notifications

Jump back to Slack and you see that speedy Bobby B is already on the case and he is going through his stack of CVs and he has already moved 3 tasks forward. You can see this because the task status is now: in progress / CV Screening. In Slack, click Show on Taskboard on any task to jump back to the Taskboard where you see the three tasks are now in the second column: CV Screening.

Collect feedback from the team

Of course, the team is online in Slack. You want feedback on the candidate, so jump in the #hirefinanceteam channel and type: @here – Thoughts on hiring Jackie J? Her skills and experience look perfect. Hired!

Get to know Workstreams

Just like a new team member, Workstreams shows up in the #hirefinanceteam channel and enthusiastically says hi, provides easy access to the taskboard, commands and the tutorial! This is great for the eventual externals and first-timers in this process.

Add your seven-step workflow

The #hirefinanceteam taskboard now is populated with the seven Hire tasks in the Planned column of the board. Click the gear icon to customize the workflow steps. Planned and Completed at the beginning and end make sense, but you need to add 5 steps in between for your unique hiring process. Just click the + icon and add your five steps: CV Screening, Telephone Interview, Onsite Interview, Pass, Hire. Custom Workflow set.

Interview a prospective CFO

Head's up! Bobby B has moved the Hire CFO task across to the third column: Telephone Interview. And he’s assigned it to you. A highly recommended CFO prospect is waiting for your call. Bobby has attached the CV to the task so you open it up. Attaching files is easy in either Slack or the Taskboard.

What our users are saying

Everything you need to run your HR processes

Icon Custom Workflow
Custom workflow

Modern HR is about much more than just hiring and firing. Recruiting, training, compensation, diversity, compensation, benefits, payroll, relocation, retirement, events and on it goes.

You cover a vast amount of territory and we stay with you every step of the way. You can customize every step of every workflow in Workstreams, and you can have a unique workflow for each process. And you can set it all up in minutes. Never let a task step slip through the cracks again with Workstreams.

Icon File attachment
File attachment

You need immediate access to a CV before your telephone interview. Next, you need to review a candidate’s portfolio before an onsite interview.

Every resource that is human comes with a lot of files. You need to track all of them every step of the way. So Workstreams supports attaching files in both Slack and in the taskboard. And you can add a title to a file to guarantee immediate recognition.

Icon Truly agile
Truly agile

A lot of task management tools talk about being agile but then again how agile is an elephant? We live agile by giving you complete flexibility: Let’s say one of the CVs that came in for a programmer on the Hire Programmer channel is actually for a Sales Manager who would be perfect on your sales team.

You need to move that task to the Hire Sales Team channel. So, you just fill out a JIRA ticket and wait a week…if you’re an elephant. With Workstreams you just move any task to any channel. Done.

Icon Mute
Don’t talk – get it done

Talk is cheap. At Workstreams, our ethos is simple: we want to help you get shit done. So, moving tasks forward is fundamental to Workstreams. You can easily track the status right in Slack or you can see it visually in the taskboard.

You can advance to the next step/status by simply dragging and dropping on the taskboard or clicking on a drop-down in Slack. Synch is immediate between the two so you’re always up to date. Define done as done today with Workstreams.

Icon people

Contrary to popular opinion, HR is not easy. There are legal ramifications to everything you do. Equality and diversity is now the law in most countries. Privacy is a must when it comes to personal data. It gets complicated and a lot of people need to be involved.

Siloed teams just don’t work anymore. So Workstreams makes it simple to work across teams. Just add them to the Workstreams taskboard and you have immediate cross-team communication & collaboration.

Icon puzzle piece

Your HR processes require you to work with externals like recruiting agencies, freelancers and other contractors. You also need to integrate them immediately and have them synergize with your team as if they were an ‘internal’. Historically, this is where things would disintegrate.

But with Slack becoming an increasingly global standard, integration is now easy with shared channels and guest channels. Don’t disintegrate. Integrate those external folks with Workstreams.