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Powerful features for exceptional teams

Workstreams is a project management tool filled with useful features to help you get things done. Flexible Kanban board, great collaboration features, powerful goal tracking & analytics. All seamlessly integrated in Slack

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What makes Workstreams amazing

We excel in the following key areas

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Task management

Turn brainstorming ideas into actionable tasks. Assign responsibilities between team members, add detailed descriptions, attach files & organize between channels. Never miss another update with notifications right in Slack.
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Visual overview

We love Kanban board! Have perfect overview of your running projects, beautifully laid out on your customizable taskboard. Use our advanced filters, add labels, expand worksteps and focus on what matters now.
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Analytics & tracking

Track overall progress with our amazing cumulative flow charts! Set ambitious goals and never slip on a deadline with Goal burndown charts. Do it all across teams & channels!
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Integrate on the go

Keep tasking on the go! Workstreams syncs across devices so you can collaborate on the move. Invite new partners to a single taskboard & build long-term relationships with shared channels. Archive access, integrations and webhooks.

All features in a nutshell

  • Task management
  • Visual overview
  • Analytics & tracking
  • Integrate on the go
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Move between channels
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Mobile ready
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Always synchronized collaboration
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Made with love

How it worksin your Slack channel

Get started in less than a minute

Create and manage your tasks directly in Slack

After inviting Workstreams to your channel or private group you can start directly with planning your project while creating tasks with /plan task name.

After adding a new task a task box will appear. With the controls in the message, you can change its status, assign a channel member to it, add a label, change your task's title and add a description among many other possibilities.

Get started in less than a minute

Find fast what you're looking for

Search for your task

By simply typing /tasks, you can find what you're looking for and make changes easily.

Find fast what you're looking for

Everything in one place

Add attachments

Attach any files, images or documents required for the task right in Slack! You can do this in three easy ways:

1) Simply upload your file in the channel and use the more actions button to tell Workstreams to attach it to a task.

2) Upload your file straight in the thread and Workstreams does the rest. Magical!

3) Use our handy attachment tool in the taskboard.

Everything in one place

Stay up to date

Get notified about updates on tasks in Slack threads

Be informed about what your team is working on. Get notified about updates on tasks you are involved or interested in and receive push notifications on Slack mobile and desktop apps.

Stay up to date

See how you're doing

Get cumulative flow and burndown charts

Let your team celebrate their own success: just ask „@workstreams How are we doing?“. The generated flow chart is channel related and visualizes your team’s effort. You can easily check the current status and see how many tasks have been done, are in progress or planned.

If you are working with goals you can also get a burndown chart, which measures all tasks related to this goal. It works across channel borders and shows the performance of your team within a certain time.

Both charts are accessible directly in Slack and from the taskboard.

See how you're doing

How it worksin your taskboard

Keep oversight

All your tasks in a Kanban style taskboard

Use board for any channel, private group, even personal tasks. Combine channels on one board or focus on each channel individually.

Tasks created in Slack automatically appear on your taskboard. By clicking on the task title you access the taskboard, or just ask „@workstreams board“ anytime in Slack.

Keep oversight

Make it work for you

Customize your workflow

You can adjust the number and the names of your worksteps so it fits your needs just right. The worksteps are defined per channel.

Choose the naming according to your process, be creative, experiment and make it work for you!

Make it work for you

Organization made simple

Group tasks with labels

Labels are individually defined and provide a powerful way to logically group tasks. Within the project overview, labels are organized by color-coding each task and can be used across channel borders.

Tasks contribute to goals once the task is assigned the goal’s label. Labels are shared throughout the team.

Organization made simple

Find quickly what you're looking for


The aim of filtering is to compact your project view down to the items you want to focus on. Filtering can be done based on each attribute of your task, e.g. its name, assigned team member, labels or due dates.

Filtering is related to all tasks, which are currently visible on your board regardless of whether you have selected one or more channels.

Find quickly what you're looking for

Track progress on what matters

Goals are powered by task labels

A goal can be a release of a feature, closing a deal or coming to an important decision. Everyone in your Slack team can create goals and associate tasks with them via labels..

When tasks are completed, the progress bar on their associated goals fills up. This makes it easier to get an overview of progress and keeps teams focused and motivated.

rack progress on what matters

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