Discover Everything at Your Fingertips with Our Global Search Feature

We are proud to introduce a powerful new tool that will improve how our users will navigate their projects and workflows: the Global Search feature.

Time is of the essence, and the ability to swiftly locate information is paramount. Our solution is a comprehensive Global Search feature capable of tracking everything under the sun, as long as it’s somewhere in your team. 😊 

This feature acts as a compass within the app, enabling users to find any task, workflow, or team member within seconds.

Upon logging in, you'll notice a bright, new, and prominent search bar located at the top of the interface. This addition represents a significant enhancement to the user experience. No longer confined to navigating through various taskboards, users can simply enter their query into the Global Search bar and watch as the tool efficiently retrieves the desired information.

Wondering where your notifications and account area went? They are now on the top right corner of the app, moved from their old spot in the lower left.

The Versatility of Global Search

One of the most noteworthy aspects of the Global Search feature is its versatility. Users can search for tasks, workflows, or team members, regardless of the specificity of the query. Whether searching for a particular word within a task, an active workflow, or the profile of a team member, the Global Search feature acts as a swift and comprehensive tool capable of getting you exactly what you need. What's more, you can query it using natural language, going away from the search parameters previously used in our filter feature.

Benefits For Our Users

Time Efficiency

The primary advantage of this new feature is the time-saving element it introduces. With a swift and intuitive search function, users no longer need to click through multiple boards or lists. This saves valuable time and streamlines the workflow significantly.

Enhanced Productivity

By empowering users to find what they need swiftly, the Global Search feature allows for increased productivity. Teams can stay focused on their tasks without losing time navigating the interface, ensuring smoother project execution.

Simplified Navigation

The simplification of navigation is another key benefit. Regardless of the project's complexity, finding relevant tasks, workflows, or team members is now just a search away.

Experience maximum efficiency
Navigate through your tasks with ease

How Global Search Works

Users can type in keywords, task names, or team members’ names into the search bar. The system then promptly displays the most relevant results, making the search experience seamless and efficient.

Always Improving Your Experience

With the launch of the Global Search feature, we reinforce our commitment to user convenience and productivity. This addition stands as a testament to our continuous efforts to enhance our app users’ experience.

The Global Search feature is now live and ready to help users navigate their projects efficiently.

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