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Hey Google,
Talk to Workstreams

Introducing Workstreams Voice, a new task management assistant you can take anywhere. Create tasks, assign team members and keep yourself focused on priorities that matter now.

Hey Google, tell Workstreams to create a new task "Get art museum tickets"!
Sure, I added the task. Anything else I can help with?
Yes, assign it to Steve!
Perfect, Steve is now assigned. See you soon!

Discover Workstreams Voice

Natural voice commands, intuitive responses, fast results. Learn how Workstreams Voice helps you get things done.

Sound Spectrum

Talk to Workstreams

"Start tutorial"

Starts our Workstreams Voice tutorial. The tutorial guides you through the core features of our task management assistant. Use it anytime you need to refresh your knowledge

Ok Google, talk to Workstreams
Hey there! Welcome to Workstreams, your personal task assistant! Let's start with the basics: Tell me the title of a task, which you were working on yesterday.
Workshop event page
Awesome, task "Workshop event page" was added. To get all your tasks, just tell me so. Try it!
List all tasks
There is currently one task called "Workshop event page"! As this task is finished already anyway, go ahead and complete it. Give it a try now!
Complete it
Awesome, you have finished your first task. So let's get real: what's your task for today?

"Create a new task"

Our main feature. Once you wake Workstreams Voice just say "create a new task" to start planning. The assistant intuitively guides you through creating a new task, editing it and adding a due date.

Ok Google, tell Workstreams to create a new task.
Ok, what’s the title of the task?
Find location for a workshop
Find location for a workshop is ready to be picked up. Anything else?
Add a due date
Alright, and what is the due date?
The task is now due tomorrow. What else?
That's it
Ok, see you later!

"Give me a summary"

Make sure you are on top of things by asking Workstreams Voice to give you a summary of your tasks. Then act on them by telling Workstreams Voice to move them to completed, edit them or create a new task

Ok Google, ask Workstreams to give me a summary
Within the last month you completed 16 tasks. Two tasks are in progress and 10 are open. Do you want to list them now?
Yes, tell me more
Here are the first three tasks: "Find a location for a workshop", "Order catering" and "Send workshop invites". Want to hear more about one of those or get the next?
Tell me more about the second task
Here's your task with title "Order catering". It's currently in progress. Do you want to update it or hear about the next one?
No, thanks
Alright. See you soon.

"What are my tasks"

Workstreams Voice can give you a round up of your tasks that you have planned or you are currently working on. Just say "ok Google, ask Workstreams about my open tasks"

Ok Google, ask Workstreams what needs to be done next
Here is your first of 12 tasks: "Find a location for a workshop". It's currently planned and it's due by tomorrow. Do you want to update it or hear the next?
Here's your task with title "Order catering". It's currently planned. Update it or hear the next?
Next task
Here's your task with title "Send workshop invites". It's currently planned. Update it or hear the next?
No, thanks I am done
Alright. See you soon.

Bring Workstreams Voice to your team

Workstreams Voice in your Slack team

Our voice-enabled task management assistant is fully integrated to the core app. It has the full functionality of adding tasks, assigning them to your team members together with any due date and status update.

Workstreams Voice in your Slack team

The fastest way to connect

The fastest and easiest way to connect with Workstreams Voice is to hit the voice icon on the top menu of any taskboard (see Step-by-Step Guide). Give it a try!

Switch betweeen personal and team mode

Keep track of your personal tasks and team assignments with Workstreams Voice. Switch the context between the solo mode and Slack mode at any point and stay on top of everything. Easy!

Switch betweeen personal and team mode

Create a bunch of tasks in one go

Jotting down a bunch of tasks on a piece of paper, or a Kanban board comes naturally to us. With Workstreams Voice you can do bulk planning without picking up a pen or touching your keyboard. Magical! Just keep listing new tasks and tell it when to stop.

Create a bunch of tasks in one go

Find what are you looking for with ease

Just ask Workstreams Voice for "all opened tasks" or "all tasks due by Friday" and be updated on the fly.

Find what are you looking for with ease

My important task

Keep your priorities in order! Just say "what's my next task" to hear all of your tasks, in order from most important to least important.

My important task

Assigning team members

When you're in team mode, you can assign as many tasks as you want to as many team members as you need. Your words will instantly become tasks on your team's taskboard that everyone can see.

Assigning team members

Workstreams Voice is wonderful in many use cases

Birthday party planning

Birthday party planning

Nail down the specifics of your birthday party in a jiffy! Use Workstreams Voice bulk planning feature to list a bunch of tasks to be created in one go. Then add to your list as you go

Get train tickets for the team

Get train tickets for the team

Planning a conference visit and you need the HR team to procure the tickets? No need to touch your device, just tell Workstreams Voice to create the task and assign it to the person who can do it. How easy is that!?

Turn meetings into actions

Turn meetings into actions

During meetings you can use Workstreams Voice to add tasks to your Kanban Board. Transform hectic meetings into effective planning sessions with your team

Supported devices

Workstreams Voice works on your favorite devices

Sound Spectrum

Works with the Google Assistant

  • Smartphones & Tablets running Google Assistant
  • Google Home Speakers
  • Google Pixelbook (coming soon)
Google Assistant Support
Sound Spectrum

Powered by Amazon Alexa
(coming soon)

  • Amazon Echo devices
  • Sonos One speakers
Alexa Support

Supported languages

Workstreams Voice speaks your language!

Sound Spectrum

"Hey Google, talk to Workstreams"

Sound Spectrum

"Hey Google, sprich mit Workstreams"

Sound Spectrum
(coming soon)


Experimental disclaimer

Workstreams Voice is a highly experimental product on the bleeding edge of voice recognition.

Performance may vary depending on your internet connection, your operating system and your device performance. Please exercise patience while using it.