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Workstreams Voice is a productivity game-changer once you’ve made it a part of your workflow.
You and your team can edit and assign tasks together simply by talking to your phone or smart device.
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What is Workstreams Voice?

Workstreams Voice is a personal Voice Assistant that helps you get things done faster and with more flexibility than traditional tools. It does this by being rooted in the space where your team already communicates – Slack. This way you are never pulled into another platform, but simply improve the space where you already chat with your team. Although chats are great, what is the fastest and most natural form of communication? You guessed it! [**The spoken word**](/voice.html)

The Advantage of Voice

Workstreams Voice does as you dictate, and does so with the speed and smoothness of a simple conversation. Voice apps are improving rapidly, and their integration into different devices is already well underway, be it to control an appliance with a home device, pull up some key data points with a smartphone, or simply to automate parts of your routine.

If you want to use Workstreams Voice, there is no overhead, hardware, or app you have to install. If you want to start getting things done, just say to any google-supported device, **‘Hey Google, talk to Workstreams!’**

Voice-first but not Voice-only

Say what you need to say and see what you need to see on the device of your choice. Workstreams Voice is designed for use on all devices where Google Assistant is installed. This includes Android and iOS devices, smartphones, tablets, smart speakers, or even a smart home device.

If your device has a screen, you will also see ‘chips’ at the bottom of your screen that suggest tailored spoken responses that the Workstreams Voice application will recognize when in conversation. Any device with a screen will also show you your tasks with relevant details.

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